Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Q: Where can I Purchase NoGii Products?

A: NoGii products can be found in over 30,000 retail locations nationwide. To find the nearest NoGii retailer near you visit our Store Locator at NoGii products, flavors and sizes may vary based on retailer. If your favorite retailer does not carry NoGii or doesn't carry your favorite NoGii product please be sure to speak with the Store Manager or reach out to their Customer Service Department.

Q: Can I purchase NoGii products online?

A: Yes you can purchase all NoGii products online at Click on the "BUY NOW" tab and this will take you to our online store.

Q: Does NoGii Ship to Canada for online purchases?

A: Currently we do not ship orders directly from our online store to Canada. Please see below for information on where to purchase NoGii in Canada. NoGii can also be purchased online at

Q: Where to purchase NoGii in Canada?

A: For information on locating your nearest NoGii retailer in Canada please contact:

Victory Brands Inc

Q: Does NoGii offer coupons?

A: NoGii offers special product promotions and discounts to our NoGii VIP members. You can sign up for our NoGii VIP e-Newsletter at You can also follow us on Facebook at and Twitter at

Q: Are the ingredients in NoGii non-GMO?

A: Yes, all NoGii products are non-GMO with the exception of the NoGii Super Protein Bars.

Q: Where can I find the ingredient listing and nutritional panels for NoGii Products?

A: All NoGii product nutritional panels and ingredients list are provided at At the top of the web page click on the NoGii product you are interested in. The nutritional panels and ingredients list can be found below each image of the NoGii bar.

Q: Are NoGii products gluten-free?

A: Yes, NoGii products are certified gluten-free and our company utilizes independent lab testing to verify that each production batch of NoGii exceeds standards set forth for determining "Gluten-Free" status. For more information about our Gluten-Free manufacturing process click here.

Q: Which NoGii products are soy free?

A: All flavors of the NoGii Paleo Bars.

Q: Which NoGii products are dairy free?

A: All flavors of the NoGii Paleo Bars.

Q: Which NoGii products are peanut free?

A: NoGii High Protein Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Coconut and Cocoa Brownie, along with all flavors of NoGii Paleo Bars and NoGii Kids Bars.

Q: Which NoGii products are tree nut free?

A: NoGii High Protein Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Cocoa Brownie, NoGii Super Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter & Caramel, NoGii Protein D' Lites and all flavors of NoGii Kids.

Q: What is Elisabeth Hasselbecks involvement with NoGii?

A: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is both the creator and brand owner of NoGii. The creation of the NoGii brand has been a total passion project for Elisabeth, from being involved with the original logo and packaging design to product formulations. With her family and friends as a focus group, the NoGii brand of nutrition bars has been formulated for the entire family.