Nogii’s Review of Top 10 Best Elliptical Machine Brands 1

Nogii’s Review of Top 10 Best Elliptical Machine Brands

At present, people pay more attention to their health and a positive lifestyle. Responding to people’s fitness needs, gymnastic equipment like treadmills or more popularly, elliptical trainers, came into being.

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Based on certain benefits, elliptical trainers promise to offer more effective fat loss and resistance training. That explains why we chose this useful machine to introduce to you. We would tell you why at the below section.

Besides, Nogii also see that new models are bursting out in the market. You might be overwhelmed by looking at catalogs or walking by cardio shops.

Do you just start going for fitness training and you want a suitable cardio machine for home use? Are you not happy with your current elliptical at the moment and want to find a better one? We’re here to help.

Find our top picks below. We have the best elliptical reviews here, and maybe one of them will become a new “best friend” for your workout schedule.

Elliptical trainers are becoming trending in fitness centers
Elliptical trainers are becoming trending in fitness centers

Top 10 Best Ellipticals Reviews

#1: Best for Premium Training: Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Overall, Schwinn is not a new name in the fitness world. It is well-known for premium trainers that are more favorable for fitness centers than home use.

However, the 430 model is a selection for both places.

Schwinn 430 Machine

The Schwinn 430 is a reliable elliptical trainer. The frame offers an adjustable stand for users to change stride size. Therefore, the stride can fit different users at different heights.

As we mentioned earlier, the machine is the favorite option for even fitness centers. You are supposed to find out a variety of training programs in the device. They have a total of 22 programs applicable to every level of trainees. And with a wide range of practice, this equipment is in good use for years.

There are 2 user settings so more than a person can have a track with the history of fitness training. This feature makes this unit suitable for home use. You know, a personal trainer in fitness centers is too costly. People can find a training program on the Internet, but few of them can follow. So, user settings in fitness equipment can help with that.

  • Easy to assemble (about an hour to finish)
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Variable 22 programs
  • Multiple (20) levels of resistance
  • The handy USB port to get media devices charged


  • Bad shipping service (some broken parts found sometimes)
  • Not ideal size for limited spaces (the size is 70 x 28 x 71 in)

Some may think that investing in a Schwinn is too much for home training. However, Schwinn in general and the model 430 in particular promises durable equipment. If you need intense training, a sturdy machine is worth investing. This elliptical is also for all levels.

#2: The Quietest: Simpfree Elliptical Machine Trainer

Simpfree is the quietest elliptical in this list. Therefore, it’s perfect for home use because no one wants to place a noisemaker inside the house. And with the super-quiet operation, you can work the butt off at any time you want.

Simpfree Trainer

The machine is created in a V-belt drive. This design brings cross-training for the whole body as the hands also do some movement, too. These handlebars come in handy with those who want to lose belly fat. Besides, this design mimics the cycling in ellipse movements but with less impact on knees. For those who have injuries from using spin bikes, this is a perfect choice.

Using magnetic resistance also supports users in more effective training. This feature is mainly for weight-bearing exercises which are all healthy for bones maintenance. This type of resistance is even better for intense workouts.


  • Smart ridges on the pedals to prevent slips
  • Heavy-duty equipment with a capacity of 150 kg
  • Excellent warranty: 3 years by producer
  • Beautiful packaging to prevent unexpected broken during shipping
  • Sturdy tubular steel construction


  • Possibly too high for low room
  • Not adjustable height

This elliptical trainers is the optimal options for those who needs workout at any time without annoying others. Besides, as its name describes, this machine focuses on simplicity of pure training. Fewer joints mean more sturdy. It’s not so so advanced, but everyone can use it.

#3: The Most Flexible Elliptical: Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical

A strong point that we can speak immediately about this machine is height flexibility. Both height and stride are adjustable so users can do training in comfort.

Exerpeutic Heavy Duty

And to match the number of users, magnetic resistance is also modified in 8 levels of tensions. The scale comes from basic movement to challenging workout, combined with the dual hand work-out, your belly fat will soon disappear.

The machine has no fancy LCD, but, you have a free download of the Smart Cloud Fitness app which allows users to track on history of training instead. Thanks to this app, you know about your intensity: how far your stride, and how much calorie gets burnt. Many people simply ignore these data, so they have failed to get the desired results.

By a little investment, an app like this is a real bonus.


  • Quiet operation
  • Large pedal with grips
  • Two options for hand work-out to offer maximum cross-training
  • Free app
  • Heavy-duty machine with a maximum weight of 300 lbs
  • Easy to transport in the house with front wheels
  • Easy adjustment on magnetic tension by a spin


  • Complex assembly (usually takes several hours)
  • No fancy LCD

Some still feedback about the quirky sound after using for a while. However, follow the instruction by the manufacturer carefully and problems solved! This is the best machine that we want to introduce to group of users who are not in the same size.

#4: Budget Pick: Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer by Sunny Health & Fitness

If you are looking for a low budget elliptical, do not miss this one.

The elliptical by Sunny Health and Fitness is not only a budget-friendly option but also super compact and lightweight for small spaces. This device is only 28 inches long and 57-inch in height. If it’s too short for you, you are supposed to be higher than average.

Magnetic Elliptical by Sunny

Luckily, the height can be slightly adjusted. Because of this compact size, users can move it around the house or place or even the living room without bothering daily activities. Because the stride length is quite limited, the height increase can cause stride to be more like cycling.

Another plus point for this elliptical is the smart pedals. The pedal is made large with anti-slip platforms which comes with two end barriers and grips.

This feature secures users’ feet on the pedals, guarantees a smooth and effective training process. These platforms also promise safety during fast striding.

The knob for resistance adjustment is right on the frame. It’s super easy to use even by the most amateur users. There are also eight levels for resistance for users to have full experiences from natural movements to a challenging level.


  • Multiple levels of resistance for different training
  • Two options for hand workout: fixed and moveable handlebars
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light enough to move around the house


  • Make some noise at first
  • No fancy display ( but it’s understandable at this price)

Some customers hesitate on buying this one because of short strides but we guarantee it’s much better than using spin bikes due to less knee impact. You know, knees get so much trouble while training with bikes. This one is safe to use and especially,  for those who want to do something safer than biking.

#5: The Best Heavy Duty Elliptical: Sole Fitness E35

Sole Fitness E35 is equipment for professional training at home. This one is a design for heavy-duty use so do not slide over if you want the complete end of annoying belly fat.

Sole Fitness E35

The machine provides quite hard cardio workout for serious trainees so if you are beginners, you should consider it. The stride lengths are from 20 to 22 inches, and users can adjust it according to their height. However, walking in mid-air like this will ease your tiredness.

Besides, users receive 100% hand workout at the same time thanks to the handlebars with movements responding to pedals.  We see it the most effective way to do with elliptical: Cross-train.

There is a fully-equipped console panel and also a heart rate control by a chest strap. Having the heart rate control and record during the workout will help you to know more about your body and its availability to do more.

In the case that you prefer a more compact design, you might want to scroll down for more options.


  • Adjustable stride for a more challenging workout
  • Multiple training programs to choose from
  • Capable of heavy users with a maximum weight capacity of 175 pounds
  • Convenient bottle water holders
  • Modern LCD and sound system
  • Excellent warranty: lifetime for frame, five years for other parts


  • Quite spacy or home use
  • No fixed handlebars

An apparent feature of this Sole Fitness is spacy. However, it’s an important measurement to suffer 230 pounds. If looking for a professional training program for all groups of muscular, you need this size with longer strides.

#6: The Best Machine Of Simplicity: Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer

For all those who love coming back with old-fashioned fitness training, this Body Rider Fan will be one of the best elliptical. This machine is a purely body rider with minimum modifications and digital support. But it promises impressive results: belly fat loss, thinner thighs, and stronger body.

Body Rider Fan

This Body Rider works based on the conventional ellipse movements. You do not have any adjuster to modify its stride length as in modern versions. The simple design also comes with only a pair of handlebars that move with the pedals. This machine is not for an intense workout like The Sole E35 but still, ask you to do cross-training.

The only to adjust in this machine is resistance level which depends on a knob. You twist it and increase or decrease the level of challenge. Thanks to its simple design, the equipment is easy to assemble and maintain, as a result.


  • Easy adjustment
  • Convenient transport wheels to move this machine around
  • Compact to place everywhere in the house
  • Minimal design to fit all space and also users


  • No fixed handles
  • No grip on pedal

Body Rider is good and simple equipment to help you with losing belly fat. By forcing people to do hand workout together with lower body movements, it brings us a chance to make a serious effort on getting in shape. Do not miss this one if you are obsessed with your shape at the moment.

#7: The Best Elliptical For Men: Schwinn A40

Attention! Men! If all of the options above are still not enough or your workout, we have a fast and sturdy elliptical trainer for you to try: Schwinn A40.

Schwinn A40

It’s still for high tension training but the pedal can move faster and in more massive stride for male users can work on full capacity. To support this speed, the pedals come with barriers for better grips. Plus, with the lower stand, your movements are kept stable and smooth, in silence.

Now users can choose to follow seven programs or create their own course with the help of console tracks. It’s a utility that all Schwinn offer consumers.

To ensure safety, they design a heart rate control sensor on fix handlebars. Because the fixed handles are too low, users can only count on the second handles bar that causes hand work-out with pedal movements.


  • Fully loaded console for training monitor
  • Comfortable handle for heart rate monitor – also the fixed handlebars
  • Silent operation
  • Multiple (six) user settings in a machine
  • Easy to assemble
  • Various levels of resistance to enjoy


  • Not complete backlit so you cannot see the screen in the morning with the dark setting
  • Too low fix handles while using

This Schwinn A40 does not allow stride adjustment so we would recommend it if you are shorter than 5”10. Men! if you need a serious gymnastic equipment to get abs, this machine is born for this mission. Thanks for this speed, you would be never disappointed.

#8: The Best Compact Elliptical: Exerpeutic 1318 5000 Magnetic

This Exerpeutic 1318 5000 is the more compact elliptical than the previously mentioned model. Do not ignore this one if you need a piece of fitness equipment for narrow space.

Exerpeutic 1318 5000

By only this size, this is the best buy for home use and only for home use but more than that, you have four user settings in a machine. This feature is so desirable in such a simple elliptical. Four user settings can provide each family member a profile to tracking workout. We see it as an economic investment.

Besides, Nogii want you to notice that the stride is 18 inches. This number promises quite challenging in working out but luckily, you can adjust the intensity with 12 programs and seven training modes. With the support of the tension strap, your workout promises to be a challenge.


  • Convenient book or phone holder for users to entertain during working-out
  • Suitable transport wheels to move the machine around easily
  • Handy heart sensor at handlebars
  • Compact size to set in small rooms
  • Multiple user setting


  • Not fancy display
  • Time-consuming setup
  • Not really useful tension trap because levels are tough enough without it

The machine offers tension practice, so buy it when you are not serious at training. This elliptical eliminates all risks of injuries such as slippery pedals, impact on leg’s joints so that users can get maximum of calories burnt. The Exerpeutic 1318 5000 will be helpful for even the middle-aged as long as they use it properly.

#9: The Best Elliptical for Digital Lover: Schwinn 470

The first feature to keep us around this Schwinn 470 such a long time is its technology. And if you are into hi-tech devices, it will be so much fun to practice on it.

Schwinn 470

First to notice is the LCD. It’s not just to record your distance, speed, and calorie but also mimic the real scenery in 19 locations. This technology brings you back to fresh air jogging in the parks, on lakesides or familiar walk sides next to your house.

It has 19 spots and 27 routes through these spots so you can change every day. We see it a motivation for home workout. More than that, you can see other people going on the same roads. It’s possible to communicate with them like you are on the walk.

If you see elliptical a fitness room, the Schwinn 470 is a fully equipped one with USD outlet, speaker and media shelf which helps users to attain complete comfort and get an effective workout.

To help users follow their training, the machine connects with a signature app named Schwinn Trainer App which is free to download.

The elliptical has Bluetooth so sync the program more conveniently.


  • Quiet operation as long as you assemble it right
  • Easy assembly
  • Fun to use and quite motivating for people who enjoy sightseeing
  • Multiple (4) user profiles
  • Convenient for all personal devices combined


  • Fixed stride
  • Quite bulky for small room

The Schwinn operates very quietly in comparison with previous models. So, we highly recommend it for home use. Besides, it’s a good machine to help you with getting abs even you are not in a mood for it. The 470 model is good for both cross-train and losing weight.

#10: The Best Mobile Elliptical: EFITMENT Compact

If the other is the best compact, the least space-consuming, this little Efitment Compact elliptical is the most mobile machine that we can find in the market, its stand is narrow and short, so it’s effortless to move around and you can place it everywhere in the house without the fear that it might stand on your way.

Nogii’s Review of Top 10 Best Elliptical Machine Brands 2

This one has short stride so sometimes; we consider it a hybrid spin bike with more ellipse movement. And if you have read this article so far, we bet you know why we should choose this one instead of a spin bike or treadmill.

The elliptical is a design simple so, it’s easy to assemble and generate.

  • Quiet operation
  • Mobile to move around the house
  • Simple to use
  • Easy assembly


  • The circle might be too small for tall people

This model is more for short people because of the frame. if you are more interesting in lower body workout, this machine will help you to focus. It has nothing too fancy but it keeps your body with standard movements.

Benefits of using elliptical

Why is it supposed to be elliptical but not treadmills or spin bikes? Elliptical is well-known as a gymnastic trainer with the minimum chances of injuries. But more than that, it works effectively in body training.

There is more than one reason to choose the elliptical.

Benefits of using elliptical
Benefits of using elliptical

It causes the least impact

When you go jogging conventionally, like on the street, it creates a force at least 2.5 times your weight on your body parts, mostly leg’s joints and the back.

Thus, jogging is good, but we still have chances for injuries. But with the design of elliptical, you have got a pedal that allows you to walk midair. It moves around in elliptically, not circles like spin bikes or steps like treadmills, and that will enable you not to take the feet off the pedals.

Movements on elliptical focus on the muscle, biceps or triceps but not the joints. As a result, it causes fewer injuries.

It mimics the nature of foot movement

Treadmill illustrates running positions, spin bikes copy biking but elliptical mimics stride. Stride is a movement that focuses more on the muscles. This action combines the workout of ankle, knee, and hip on the move.

This movement is easy to make and with less strain on leg joints than other exercises.

Stride, somehow, is the combination of running and cycling depends on how long the pace gets. But the only difference is stride put up less weight impact on the whole body.

It focuses on weight-bearing exercise

Based on the fitness exercise type, the weight-bearing type is the one that focuses on bones. They take advantage of the weight to put on forces on exercises, enhance bones naturally.

Back to elliptical movements, walking in mid-air based mostly on the weight and muscles movement. This exercise is good for everyone, especially middle-aged people who cannot take heavy-duty training like running or weightlifting. And moreover, it’s safer.

Both lower and upper body receive training

Most users think that elliptical is made for lower body training, but it does work for the upper part, too.

The lower body workout is obvious. But how about the upper body training?

Most fitness types of equipment are made to focus on a group of muscles. For example, weights enhance arm muscles, treadmill focus on leg and hip. Even the elliptical, it’s also a device focusing on back and lower muscles.

The point is you can combine upper body workouts while using elliptical. Basically, working on the elliptical involves training quadriceps, chest, glutes, hamstrings and back already. Striding appears a real cross-training, but it’s not the maximum effect. Instead of placing hands on the handlebar, you can have extra movement to increase the calorie burnt.

More effective

The elliptical workout will help you lose fat, strengthen bones, get abs faster. The truth is elliptical work out needs you to pay just average energy on training but get more effects. It’s because it’s a less perceived rate of exertion.

It’s because we are walking mid-air while using the elliptical. This action reduces the most of the impact on the feet while muscles are on the move frequently. And by cross-training that we mentioned earlier, elliptical is the only fitness equipment that can do so.

Multiple in programs

Like many of other equipment, elliptical work-out means a variety of training, not only traditional stride.

Some popular training course with elliptical is hill climbing or resistance practicing. You might want to keep track of your heart rate and calorie by the wireless monitor on the machine.

If the machines are modern enough, they might offer users some preset programs. Because there are many options, you can study your own body and create private courses for your own.

It needs less care

An elliptical is produced based on the least part. There are no belts, no seat, no cables, so cleaning is quite relaxing.

Elliptical trainers do not require complicated maintenance like most of the machines in the gym. That’s why it’s the best choice for everyone.

Buyer’s guide to the best choice

It is a serious investment to find a good elliptical trainers for home use
It is a serious investment to find good elliptical trainers for home use

Among so many elliptical trainers in the market, how could we know the one we need the most?

Each machine will be suitable for a particular group of people. We have prepared a checklist to help you find the one you need.

Choose the best elliptical machines for home use?

Where do you want to place that machine? Will you lock it in a spot or move it around? How is the space you are supposed to put it?

Elliptical is made for both home and club use. Therefore, they come in different sizes. Picking the best elliptical for home use means you make sure it fits users and your space.

We only have limited space for the gym at home regarding height and area. To make the right choice, Nogii suggests you consider some features:

Stride Length

Is there only a user at home? Or multiple users? Low-budget elliptical comes with a fixed stride length. If you have the whole family use it, you should look for mid-range one with adjustable stride length.

Moreover, the adjustable stride length will bring you more options in training. You can turn it into a kind-of treadmill if necessary.


Each elliptical has a record of user training. Some provide an account only, but some can record 3 or 4 users. Having your practice registered is necessary to calculate effectiveness.

Besides, having your own account setting and pre-set program is convenient. We are too busy to take note of how many hours we have spent on working out and how many calories to burn to get in shape. Smart devices on elliptical will help us to set up suitable programs and take note of the process.

Heart Rate Control

Heart control is a wireless device with elliptical. It’s not a default part, but we recommend it. The heart rate control will keep track of your health condition, to tell you if it’s safe to move up to tighter training. It’s especially compulsory for the elderly or athletics who are in intense training.

Other digital supports

Do you need HD video screen or connection with phones while using elliptical? It’s more expensive if you ask for more digital devices. However, it’s worth a more convenient and comfortable trainer if you can afford it.

Is it easy to use

Is it easy to use?

Basic functions

When you decide to buy an elliptical trainer, make sure that you know how to start it safely.

The more modern it is, the more functions it provides.

The first to know is how to assemble the equipment in case no one helps you. Usually, all machines are sold with a detailed description. You can check it in the store and see if you want all the options it provides.

You also need to concern safety features while using.


Some ellipticals are adjustable, but some are not. Adjusting stride length and height will be significant because it affects your workout results.

If you are the only user, find one with fixed stride and frame because this type is more durable. It has less joint and therefore, causes no quirky sounds after a long time of using. It’s tough to find a perfect size for two people, but it’s not impossible. You need to invest time on searching.

If more people are working out on the machine, you should find one with adjustable height.

Can you lose belly fat by using elliptical
Can you lose belly fat?

Can you lose belly fat by using elliptical?

Do you want to lose belly fat?

Losing fat seems the primary reason why people come to the gym. So If you want to lose belly fat by an elliptical, we have advice.

Choose the elliptical with the handlebars which help you train. Losing belly fat with elliptical only maximize when you do cross-training, like upper and lower body workout at the same time.

What part of the body does the elliptical target

What part of the body does the elliptical target?

But besides belly fat, what body part gets trained by elliptical?

The best elliptical machine should strengthen the whole body. Striding with elliptical is a combination of biking, running and walking but more effectively because it’s based on weight.

To make it, the good elliptical must work well with the lower body. To examine, you can test how strongly you engage with the pedal.

How effective is the elliptical?

And the final to remember, you should choose the machine with resistance levels that you benefit from. Some people are too rush to see the result, so they want heavy-duty elliptical trainers. They will soon give up to this tension workout because their body is not there yet.

How effective is the elliptical

It’s not the machine but also the user affects the result.

Your weight and level of training partly decide the result. If you take cardiovascular work-out regularly, you burn more calorie in a shorter time.

How many calories do you burn on an elliptical?

Usually, work-out with elliptical can help you to burn more than 300 calories in 30 minutes. It depends on your own requirements on training. You choose the suitable one.

How many calories do you burn on an elliptical
Burn Calories

Firstly, choose the machine with adjustable resistance levels. Elliptical with multiple choice of intensity levels will help you to train effectively. People usually start with smooth and natural movements than up to tighter courses. So, Nogii advises you to choose a piece of equipment with many selections.

How to use elliptical trainers properly?

Are you fancy Hi-tech devices?

In the market, we have conventional elliptical for simple work out with the minimum support of digital devices. However, there are also machine made with advanced technologies to make muscles training more relaxing and convenient. The latter usually comes with the sensor, apps, big LCD screen and utilities for media.

But the technology upgrade goes with the money. Modern designs will cost you more bucks, so we need you to think about the budget and also what you really need from elliptical trainers before you pay for a super lovely machine, but you never touch its utilities.

The design you want

Besides the sizes, prices, and utilities they bring on each model of elliptical, they also make these machines with different drive systems.

Basically, all elliptical trainers present striding but some model makes long movements, and some are like hybrid bikes.

Safety guideline to use elliptical trainers

Step 1:  Getting ready with the perfect position

Posing on elliptical trainers matters significantly to your result. Therefore, you must practice until it becomes a habit when you step on the pedals.

Remember to grab the handlebars at the time you step a foot on a pedal. Because it will move, you can fall over unless you secure yourself in a station.

After you are on the machine firmly, try to align the feet. Some pedals come with oversize so users must self-adjust. You got to be comfortable and balanced on the pedals.

Now, it’s time to get posed. Stretch your back straight and keep your head up. Looking straight is also a part of the pose. All of these build up a posture where all muscles are in good tension and bones are at the right positions.

Step 2: Moving

It’s simple at first thought: we move the feet and the hands go with the flow of the handlebars.

Is it always true?

To maximize the calories burnt, you should perform cross-training.

Let’s rest the hand at the beginning until you are used to the movements. During that time, feet ride the pedals forward. Try to keep the feet straight, bend the knee down a bit for comfort. If you want to speed up, knee down more. However, do not ever bend your back.

Next, keep your hand workout with the movement of handlebars.

Step 3: Challenging yourself

To enhance the intensity, you can change the resistance level. You can track this function in the product’s description because it will vary from machine to machine.

Practicing should be at least 30 minutes, or you won’t see much of improvements.

Nogii’s Review of Top 10 Best Ellipticals Brands

Final Words

Elliptical seems the optimal option for general home training. But you must invest time on seeking the best. No matter what features you put on your ideal machine in imaginary, all must be tested before you pay.

With our top ten elliptical reviews and ultimate guideline, Nogii hope that everyone could get an idea of how the suitable elliptical looks like.

Like many other products, elliptical is made with different sizes, prices, utilities, and intensity levels. Take your time and check one by one.

Last but not least, Nogii would welcome all recommendations on the best elliptical trainers: more options, more fun.

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