The Best Exercise Mat Reviews 2019

Best Exercise Mat Reviews 2019: Tested by Experts

The Best Exercise Mat Reviews 2019

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People use exercise mats not only in yoga but also in other fitness activities such as martial arts, Pilates, and stretching. Those are on-ground-practice sports.

Working out on the ground impact on your joints if you choose the wrong mat.

Too thin gym mats are likely to make the exercise less fun and downright painful.

A proper gym mat provides a non-slip environment making your workout go smoothly yet protect your body from the pain.

But choosing a mat is no ordinary shopping. You will need to know some criteria to get the most beneficial features to serve your workout.

Come with us and find the best exercise mat for money in this review.

The best exercise mat for Home reviews

Nogii thought that picking out only 10 best mats from the flooded market was no hard, but it was indeed challenging.

But phew! We did it. Our editor proudly presents the hard work right below.

Square36 Large Exercise Mat 8×6

A large mat benefits a lot in giving you space to perform.

This mat is made of non-toxic material backed with quality to provide the ultimate griping giving you confidence as practice. With the foam bottom surface, the mat sticks to floors of concrete, tile, hardwood or even carpet.

Square36 Extra Large Exercise Mat

It suits several types of gym workouts such as Plyometrics, MMA, P90X, cardio, HIIT, TAM, aerobics, punching bag and so on.

We especially prefer this mat in a Zumba class where it gives a massive space of 48 square feet for most movements. This size can accommodate a full stretched body bringing no awareness when practicing.

Such exercises require no shoes can also make use of the mat just fine. But we definitely advise you to put sneakers on for the practices. If you do Yoga, you will need yoga gloves and socks with rubber pads.

Storing this all-purpose mat costs you no sweat. It comes with two storage straps and a bag to let you roll and tie it then place in a nook neatly. Otherwise, you can leave it rolls out in your home gym or living room.

One plus point is that the mat is completely odorless which is quite comfortable when coming out of the box.

We like the fact that it does not contain any PBDE’s and is safe with no use of flame retardant sprays on it.

In focus T25 workouts, we noticed that the mat slips slightly 2 to 3 inches. However, if the person doing push-ups on the mat sweats a lot, it’s likely that his hands will slide.


  • No toxic smell
  • Stick well on many types of surface
  • Come with a lifetime warranty


  • Move a bit if absorb sweat
  • The surface will become slippery with use
  • A bit pricey

Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat 6’x8’x7mm

Here comes a larger mat from Gxmmat fit more than one person.

At the size of 48 square feet, you can roll out the mat and use it as a kid’s playground. If you want to hold in a position of treadmill or spin bike, the mat is large enough to act as a piece of mat furniture.

Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat 6'x8'x7mm

The mat is extra thick with an additional layer of 7mm denser foam to absorb shock, cushion and dampen noise.

We put several types of practice on the mat to evaluate its sturdiness and gripping ability. The Plyo, Insanity, and PX90 didn’t move the unit. It handles the jumping rope quite well as it didn’t slip to cause us to lose the balance.

The mat also showed less-to-no bother during other tests on a punching bag, cardio workout, MMA and HIT.

For such intense exercises that place mass on the mattress like jump aerobics, dumbbell and kettle lifting, the mat exposed to be quite durable as we noticed no indentation spot after removing the heavy objects. The same applies to push-up.

Nogii were glad this mat didn’t slip at all on a carpet which made us happy to use it on our linoleum daily.

Coming for free with the shipment is a pair of high-quality gloves, three velcro straps and a bag to help you store the mat.

However, we don’t think this is soft enough to be a yoga mat. You should work out with your sneakers on.

There was no fume or odor out of the box. So, if you have sensitive skin, there is nothing to worry about it giving you a hard time.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Well-constructed
  • Thicker padding
  • Easy to roll up


  • A bit squishy if under too many movements
  • Relatively heavy

Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat – 10′ x 4′

Need more space? A Gorilla mat is what you are looking for.

The mat will “transform your room into a fitness oasis.”

With the material used for professional products, you can trust the quality of the mat in a high-density construction.

Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat - 10' x 4' x 1/4

We received the mat packed in excellent condition with a free microfiber towel inside.

When unrolled, it looked perfectly subtle and firm and thick. It is also massive enough for a couple to workout in pair. It stayed flat when rolled over the floor.

As we try to add some pressure on the unit with some kettlebells, it absorbed the impact and let the object sink a slightly bit but left no mark when the item got lifted. For two months in use, we realized the mat had shown no defects in term of handling the heavy weight of our intense workouts.

It’s well to say that we don’t expect it to last a lifetime as it advertises but we reckoned it was built for durability and severe workout. Common exercises like P90x, Insanity, T25, Dance, Zumba, Cardio, TRX, and more can do good on this mat.

We were a bit concerned that the item will damage the wooden floor but realized the landing pad did protect the material, but not at all cost. If you are a plyometrics or burpees head, don’t push the work harder than they already are.

The children love to roam and crawl on the surface. It is soft and comfortable yet eco-friendly with no 16P included and free of toxic.

Better than ever, the merchant promises a 100% money back guarantee of hassle-free. That means you can always request a full refund if you don’t love your mat.


  • Tender top surface
  • Kid-friendly
  • Made of top-graded material
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Ineffective moisture absorption
  • Can irritate bare feet

BalanceFrom 1″ Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat

Interlocking tiles give an alternation to those who find a rolling mat takes too much effort. The bundle comes in 36 units of foam mat to put together.

We liked these tiles because they gave us an option to manage the size of the mat on the floor. We could add or minus tiles if needed. The total area of 36 tiles can reach up to 144 square feet which equals to a small room. The end borders will wrap up edges. You can also cut off when placing tiles in corners.

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

What’s worth mentioning is the outstanding resilience to keep your balance on the mat supporting any style of exercises.

The double-sided high-density EVA foam non-slip surface made us think we should have spent more on such an immobilizing capability.

Reasonably thickness gave no pain to the knees, elbows while cushioning the hips and spine and leaving us only admiration.

One more thing that scores is the moisture resistant technology allows you to put the washing with water at ease.

But this feature turned out to be a minus for us because it doesn’t absorb much sweat if one is supposed to be on his hands or bare feet. So, we recommend using these mats with shoes on.

To those who are sensitive to odors, these units don’t smell of rubber since it is EVA foam. The mats are dense enough to put heavy equipment on. Many of our readers use them as pads to line their treadmills or exercise bikes.


  • Super easy to put together
  • Versatile for many uses
  • Budget products to protect the floor


  • May separate during heavy jumping jacks
  • Not suitable for a pro set up

Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat – 6′ x 4′ x 1/4″

Gorilla Mats seems to know their clients well. This mat is even larger in length to fit a group of three.

We got three of our testers to stand next to each other performing dumbbell lifting, and that didn’t bother the mat to puncture after the practice. The surface returned to its original form just right after we left it alone.

Best Exercise Mat Reviews 2019: Tested by Experts 1

Thanks to the circle patterns on the bottom, we found the grip of this mat is excellent. It is built to be robust, stable and comfortable at the same time.

You may complain the mat is too big to roll up. That’s understandable. But it didn’t bother much once you get the hang of rolling over one end to another while using the provided Velcro straps to tighten it down. Easy-peasy!

As we have mentioned in the smaller counterpart of this mat, it has the same quality applied except for the size. You can rest that firmness and features stay the same on this one.

If financial is your problem, Gorilla Mat is confident to give you a guarantee of a full refund if you’re not thrilled with the mat. So, it’s like using the product for free in one month; then, you can decide whether to continue to have it or not.


  • Extra-large for group work out
  • Mildew resistant
  • Free replacement
  • Responsive customer service


  • Slippery for naked feet

WolfWise 6’x4’/ 6’x2′ Gymnastic Foldable Mats

Well! Foldable and portable are always good. Though we are not moving people, we appreciate whosever thought of the need. That is why this mat came across our reviews.

You can carry the mat everywhere without the tiresome of dragging the bulky rolled mat. It is also mess-free when it comes to storing.

WolfWise 6'x2' Gymnastic Mats

Take a look from the inside; the mat uses EPP in a high density piling up to 5 cm thick. This thickness plays a safe cushion to buffer your body.

The cover is made of eco-friendly PU leather that proofs water. It also gives the surface well ventilation that stays cool most of the time.

This mat is an ideal choice for plank and Yoga. Mobile trainers and gymnasts benefit the most from this product. It gives a movable way to exercise intrinsic muscles without having to carry a burdensome mat when you’re on a trip.

On the flip side, if you practice heavy-duty workouts, you may skip this product because it’s not meant to grab onto the floor much like the others.

One other common application is wall padding which is a quite effective use.

Next time you come to work out by a beach or during a camping trip, give this mat buddy a ticket.


  • Light and compact
  • Right for tumbling
  • Respectable thickness for cushion
  • Durable material


  • Become slippery if gets wet
  • Only suitable for floor exercises

Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1″ Yoga and Exercise Mat

Nogii specifically prefer this mat for the Yoga section which requires a reliable surface to step on barefoot.

Not many exercise mats bring in products of this thick. It is yet soft, safe and protective.

Crown Sporting Goods Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1

This “life in the cloud” mat offers a 1-inch ultra-thickness that gives the optimal cushion, sturdiness, and antiskid ability. That suggests four times higher density than a standard mat to protect your joints better than ever.

The mat has a length of 72 inches which is more-than-perfect for meditation and physical therapy.

Remark on the non-slip surface, it indeed surprised us. It gave significant traction that holds the feet in place.

We tried weightlifting, but the indentation unbalanced the heavy items. Also, Putting too many mass on the mat subsided our body a bit further. This means we don’t recommend this mat for heavy workouts.

Otherwise, any floor exercise matches the mat quite well. As long as you stick with yoga-like style, you can exploit the tenderness and moisture resistance on this comfortable workout surface.

For example, in child’s pose where you will have your forehead pressured on the mat, it relaxes you; you are not getting the hard ground striking back.

Rolling a thick mat is some kinds of burdensome if you have to do it daily. We admit the thick foam makes it harder to compress but since the comfortability compensates this downside, we know this is the best choice for our Yoga class.


  • Soft and cushy
  • Protect joints
  • Thick and dense padding


  • A bit flimsy
  • Not suitable for heavy exercises

HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

If the price is your main draw, you will love this extra thick mat guy.

We did a roundup for this mat regarding people who look to work on V-shape or rolling on their back which they will put all weighs on the tailbone; this mat is a dream for that.

HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

Little crunches and Russian twists with the mat on the carpet let us conclude that it was 30% less hurtful than working out on tiles despite the thick foam layer. Laying this mat on the carpet was almost pain-free.

With 70 inches long, you are able to splay your limbs out evenly in Shavasana, and many sit-ups.

The integrated straps let putting away less troublesome than separate strings.

We don’t know if there is anything out there that beats the price of this item, but we are pretty sure below this tag, you can hardly find anything of the same quality.


  • Easy to wrap up
  • Resilient
  • Transport loop holds up well
  • Nice company representative for great help
  • Flexible to unroll and roll up


  • Heavy impacts leave dents on the surface

Sivan Health and Fitness 1/2-InchExtra Thick

The mat comes with elastic straps and non-elastic handle; so, it is easy to carry the item with you.

It has the bottom side with texture to improve the grip when you stand on it. The other side has a smooth waterproof surface.

Sivan Health and Fitness

As your energy will drive down into the mat, the ½ inch thick layer will absorb the hit and rebound to protect parts of the body that meet the floor. Overall, it has an acceptable resilience for Yoga and Pilates.

Having this mat on the concrete floor, we realized the traction was not exclusive but able to handle most floor exercises.

Note that when you open this mat, there will be a scent of the foam with a bit of fishy smell. But no worries, it will be gone within a minute and never come back.

What makes the mat worth to be on this list is the unbeatable price. It is the steal of the deal to own such a mat to serve as your workout on-the-go or stationary mat.

So, if you have a tight budget but want an exercise mat so bad for low-intensity workouts, this dude will be your best choice.


  • Long mat for generous space
  • Waterproof surface
  • Super cheap
  • Available in many colors


  • Thin for pro use
  • Not for sweaters

BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch

This mat came recently to our review as we were looking for something a little more cushiony to replace the old ¼ mat with a budget of below twenty bucks. We are glad to have found this budget mat from BalanceFrom.

It has a parallel pattern to the length of the mat. So, when one tester did a downward pose, her wrists slid in the direction of the lines. But it was not that bad. We only wished it should have had the perpendicular stripes for more grip.

BalanceFrom BFGY-AP6BLK

However, for stretching, these lines come in handy. It supports the knee joints where you have to put it down and the sliding direction of the stretch. Other activities on the mat didn’t come with any serious complaints. We mean, at this price point, you’ve got the best of it.

Like many mats from this manufacturer, this one also gets the premium technology applied to make the mat resist moisture. The surface doesn’t absorb liquid means any spill or stain can be wiped off quickly.

More than that, not many manufacturers offer such a long warranty for a cheap product than BalanceFrom. Out of the box, you have 2 years of free replacement and cover for manufacturing defects.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy strapping
  • Great gripping
  • Pleasant price


  • Smell of latex product

Benefit of exercise mats

Owning a mat maybe not be a must but sometimes preferred, whether at home or in a studio.

With a mat to execute many exercises, you will no longer meet the pain of skin and bones on the hard floor.

And countless benefits are awaiting beyond the door. Here are seven in a bunch.


The floor is a house of dirt that you should never place your bare skin on. Not to mention there are layers of sweat from the previous practices.

Your mat will protect you from those unsanitary conditions. A mat doesn’t require much effort to clean. If you can get a mat with a waterproof top, cleaning is just a matter of wiping.


Imagine performing planks on the tile floor, do you see how much it will hurt your arms?

An exercise mat provides a cushion padding giving comfort to your wrists, knees, hips, and other joints.

Private space

The protective rug gives you your personal workspace in a class. It separates you, other classmates, and the equipment.

Larger mats make more room for specific exercises. But in public places, make sure you are free to use the space.


Exercise mats don’t have to be used for working out only, but they can be mat furniture also.

A mat can rug your home gym equipment so its feet won’t hurt the floor.

Many use massive mats as a playground for kids since most products are clean, waterproof, and non-toxic.

Interlocking tiles are the most common type of mat people use to cushion the ground because of the changeable size and budget pricing.

Minimal maintenance

We rarely hear people complain they have to clean the mat more than regular.

Although these mats wear out with time, they keep the cleaning chore at minimal since the non-porous surface doesn’t let dirt to penetrate. It may need some wiping off and hosing. Water does not affect the items.

Shock absorption

Some vigorous cardio produces vibrations. A foam mat can dampen noise and reduce all sounds from impacts.

Floor protection

The most irritation when using fitness equipment is that they destroy the floor with scuffs or dents.

A mat provides a rigid elasticity of a great barrier between the floor and you or your equipment.

This layer also protects your fitness tools.

How to select the best mat for exercise equipment?

Whether you’re doing gym at home or going to a local center, a personal mat for practice is a must because you don’t want to have your body on the sweat the previous users left on the mat.

Choosing an exercise mat
Choosing an exercise mat

But exercise mats come in different sizes, colors, materials, and thickness. Choosing the right mat could be hard.

Let us give you a hand selecting the good exercise mat for you.


The cushion depends on what made up the mat. In the matter of protecting your joints, materials play a critical factor.

Most of the recommended mats are foam rugged which is friendly to the environment.

The materials also affect the mat density, resilience, thickness and many can even absorb odors.

Foam mats are most popular since it resists moisture and mold attack. It lasts longer and can imbibe your sweat.

A non-toxic material can become your kids’ playground.

Rubber and latex can be cheap, but these are going to history because of the smell and chemical leak when mats wear out.

We think most yogi truly believe they are parts of nature; so, it’s wise that we all support using environmentally friendly materials for the mat. Don’t you think!


This factor also determines the level of cushion. You can easily find mats of various thicknesses. Typically, the minimal height is ½ which doesn’t provide much cushion. But these mats give better traction and are suitable for weightlifting as well as other heavy exercises.

Thicker mats are usually made of memory foam that will bounce back after the impact. They are mats for more strenuous exercises.

Overall, all mats are versatile enough to serve all purpose. But if you are in specific need of protecting your joints and cushioning the pain, look for high-density foam mats.


Width and length will be your next concerns. The width can be skipped since the varieties don’t make a serious difference. You need to care more about the length.

Tall people should choose large mats above 6 feet to suffice space. Some mats can accommodate you and you one or two partners. Check out the large gym mats on this list from Square36 or premium Gorilla Mat.

Adjustable sized mats are also available if you set up a permanent home gym. Interlocking tiles are what you need in this case.


Don’t skip this criterion as it may become the critical reason for you to discard the mat. Mats with thick traffic on the bottom usually provide great grip.

Gorilla Mats designs their products with circle pattern giving exceptional adhesion to the floor; any floor!

Top surface

Nogii also care about friction on the top as it helps to keep our feet and hands in place. But the story is different when you sweat.

Beside good gripping, you need the surface to drink your sweat as well.

If you sweat your skin off, you’re going to be sliding. Push-ups, burpees, planks, anything; you sweat, you slide. So, moisture resistance is fine, but make sure your mat is also moisture absorbent.

One more thing!

In our experience with the top, we want the mat to have slight patterns for moving exercises. Yoga, Pilates, or meditation doesn’t need too many tiny pikes up to bother your bare feet.


You have been through the essential things, but if there is any side ponder you can’t find in the above, here are some frequently asked questions from our readers to clarify more.

1. Can pets play on the mat?

A: Of course, yes if you are happy to have your mat pock-marked, welcome the pets. Your paw friends are likely to crawl on the mat if it’s rolled out there or join your baby’s company. Cats will pretty much enjoy sharping their claws and leave their fur on the mat. Otherwise, just clean up after use.

In case you want to work out with your furry fellow, there are exercise mats for pets if you want to buy one.

2. Can guests sleep on the mat?

A: We don’t see why not in case you don’t have a spare cozy bed or sofa. It is way better than sleeping on the carpet or cold hard floor. But kindly offer and kindly ask if your guest likes it.

3. Do all gym mats have an odor?

A: It is the material that makes up the scent. Rubbery mats tend to raise the smell out of the box and when they get old. People with smell sensitivity should not buy mats made from plastic products.

Foam mats are eco-friendly and suitable for most users. They are becoming more affordable nowadays.

4. I want a mat to do step aerobics. Is it possible to twist and turn on the mat with sneakers on?

A: Yes! You can count on all exercise mats. But not the Yoga type. Yoga mats are softer with a surface of less friction. Typical exercise mats are designed to handle heavy impacts from workouts. They let you work with or without shoes.

5. What thickness should I get to rug my 500 lb Parabody weight system?

A: Cardio mats with high dense micro-foam work best on hard surfaces. It doesn’t have to be too thick. A half an inch can house your equipment just fine. We suggest picking the Gxmmat of extra-large size or interlocking tiles for your studio.

6. I already have the floor covered with interlocking mats, would another mat laid on the top slip around?

A: Most mats should be fine to lay on top of another one. As tile mats have traction on the surface, if it meets the bottom of another traction, it should reinforce the gripping.

We had our Square36 6×8 on low pile rug in the basement, and it barely moves. It also worked great on cement.

7. Many mats get described as “odorless.” Is it really true?

A: Not sure the rest of the world but the no-smell mats in our reviews are completely scentless from the beginning.

Many of our readers reported that their mats become smelly over time. We guess it is odor the mat absorbs from the storing room, the sweat, and mildew. You should wipe and hose the mat then let it dry in a ventilated area before putting away.

But anyway, these are not chemical smells unless you buy rubber or latex mats.

8. Is a mat too heavy to move around?

A: We think a large mat of 28 lbs is relatively heavy for some people. You may need a hand to relocate it.

These mats are not for travel. Portable mats are lighter like the WolfWise foldable pad. If you are an on-the-go gymnast, look for light and movable items.

9. How do I know which side goes up?

A: If your mat comes with a logo on it, it’s supposed to be the top. The bottom side usually has patterns go against the floor. If not, the smoother side goes up.

But it also depends on how you use it. If you walk with shoes, choose the flat surface, if you do yoga, you can flip to the bumpy side.

Some double-sided mats function on both surfaces.

10. Will ballet shoes work?

A: Absolutely yes. We tried out both socks and ballet shoes for Insanity and other Beach Body workouts. All went well.

11. Which mat is best for jumping rope training?

A: A ¼ inch mat fits this sport best. You don’t need a thick cushion that will imbalance each jump. Thin mat is enough to give your feet a comfortable land; not to mention you will wear shoes. If you need more tenderness, you can place a thin mat on a carpet.

12. Are exercise mats suitable for dancing?

A: We never tried but reckon the tacky type feel is not in favor of sport like dancing. We don’t think the mat supports such activity because the grippy feature will hold instant movements of dancing making the gestures less fluent.

Top Choice – Editor’s choice

We are so in love with the Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat from Gorilla Mat. Not because we like group workouts, but it is the genuine technology and quality the company brought onto the product.

This is the thinnest mat we have in the collection, but the durability is among the tops. Thanks to this thin layer, there is no bothering placing dumbbells or kettlebells on it. With the high-density surface, the mat is suitable for all floor exercises including yoga.

If you use exercise mats before, you may know many of them have curved edge when unrolled. This mat stays flat no matter how long it gets stored.

Though we have never had a chance to call for a replacement, we love the lifetime warranty that plants peace in mind when using Gorilla Mat’s products.

The mat has a price point that worth the quality it delivers. We never feel regret paying the cash to receive a long-lasting item that has only brought satisfaction ever since.

If you don’t want to keep spending on different mats for different purposes, this all-in-one exercise is your best option.

Get a mat that can do more

It is always good to know what you want before shopping because that helps you filter out options and keeps you in the right direction.

The right gym mat improves your workout efficiency. It also helps to keep your gear steady.

We have got you top-of-the-line products as well as the winner on the list; you should now have the best mat of your own in mind.

You can see choosing the right exercise mat is a daunting task for newbies and even for people who are looking for a replacement. A false purchase brings you fewer benefits but costs money.

With the guide provided, Nogii are sure you know what is there to consider when shopping for the exercise mat for sit ups or jump rope or Aerobics.

Please share the article if you find it helpful and leave comments below to let us know you got your perfect mat.

See you in the next posts!

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