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Top 5 Best Gym Bags Of 2019 Revealed Now!

In our time of competitive fitness and consistent devotion to sports wears, manufacturers release tons of gym bags on the market for different lifestyles, schedules, and preferences.

And what’s even better is that you don’t have to break the bank to have one. Nogii know you’re giving your best to keep track on your workout schedule, and trust us, owning a trendy, versatile bag only makes this easier.

Go through our comprehensive review of the top 5 best gym bags of 2019 today to choose one that fits you perfectly. With a new gym bag, you’ll find yourself having lots of fun in the packing process, feeling organized, and being on top of your game.

Top 5 Best Gym Bags Available In The Market

Adidas Diablo

Adidas Diablo

Adidas Diablo is one of the most popular gym bags on the internet. Although polyester fabric might make it feel thin, the bag itself as long as the zipper is durable.

Being a simple gym bag, it provides the most basic features. Adidas Diablo offers an adjustable strap which can deal with people of nearly every weight.

Moreover, it comes with a strong webbing carry handle. Also, the plastic sheet acts as the bottom cushion of the bag to maintain its shape.

Despite the versatility, durability, stylish design, many get disappointed not seeing any extra pocket inside and outside (except the one on top of the bag).

It makes storing purses, phones, keys, and your personal items quite challenging as people tend to take them out a lot.

Ultimate 2.0: The Durable Crowdsource Designed Duffel Bag

Ultimate 2.0

If you’re all about a well-organized bag, consider this one. Not only does it have a solid, rugged construction, but it also offers great extra features including 2 wet pockets for shoes and sweaty clothes, 10 optimal compartments for personal uses, the crowdsource design, and so on.

The top zipper allows users to see the whole top, side of the bag, and everything inside without the digging around thanks to the big mouth opening system. The light gray lining also helps with the ease of use and gives the bag a more solid feel.

Also, the bottom clear vinyl pocket protects the bag from wet swimsuits or smelly gym clothes. Cleaning the bag is also much easies: all you have to do is to wipe it, and it’s good as new.

However, it’s not as durable as others, especially with the flimsy straps.

Kuston Sports

Kuston Sports

If you’re looking for a gym bag with shoe compartments, go for the child of Kuston. This bag is stylish and sophisticated fitting in regardless of where you use it.

Coming in 10 colors, several compartments are sitting inside this unit.


Kuston sports offers great ventilation preventing odors from shoes and wet clothes. Also, the comfort is up to expectation thanks to the soft, high-quality yet scratch-proof oxford fabric.

The straps also feel incredibly comfortable as there are pads under them.

However, the capacity of its might be a great issue, especially if you tend to carry tons of stuff to the gym.

INOXTO Fitness Sport Small


Unlike any other bags out there, INOXTO bags are one of the lightest yet most useful totes you’ll find (thanks to the lightweight yet durable nylon material).

You’ll also not having any problems with the straps as they’re adjustable and padded.


Nogii all know how sore our arms and back feel having an uncomfortable duffle.

Also, they come with two handles, the shorter one offers the velcro system locking all the handles together and prevent them from loosening up.

The only complaint is that the bag runs a bit smaller than the others.

Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Duffle

Under Armour

Nogii bet you – fitness lover all know the popular brand of Under Armour. Their products are always built to last.

The most special feature about this Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Duffle is the UA STorm technology adding in the fabric to make it waterproof.

To even extend its lifespan further, this tote also offers reinforced sides and bottom panels where the wear and tear often occur.

The material in those areas is thicker, too.

However, the setback of Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Duffle is that it cannot fit the size of twelve shoes.

What You Need To Consider When Choosing it?


Size is perhaps one of the essential things to think about when choosing a gym bag. Buying the right size means you know exactly what you want to carry within it – gym shoes, shower items, workout clothes, water bottle, essential gears, and so on.

Also, a gym bag in the right size also helps users store it easier in a gym locker as well as anywhere else you might want to place it in.

Your Activity

You should also pick a gym bag that fits the type of activities and exercises you’re doing whether it’s swimming, weightlifting, running, or other activities. If you’re all about swimming and playing water sports, a bag with a waterproof feature is probably what you want.

Even if all you do is going to the gym, a water-resistant lining will still be useful if you sweat and wet your workout clothes a lot. If that isn’t a problem of yours, then there’s no need to worry so much about the lining.


Gym bags with several compartments can serve a wide range of purposes including a place to put your shoes in, which is pretty handy as shoes will get dirty, even during indoors exercise.

The great advantage of compartments is that you can organize your gears and other items neatly. We bet most feel frustrated when digging through their bags to search for their phone or purse during the breaks.


“Gym bag” is an all-in-one phrase referring to a lot of things – a gym bag, a duffel bag, and even a tote. But there are differences between each type, you should shop around for one that fits how you plan to use the bag.

Many of them can be ideal for travel, for a getaway on the weekends, for hiking, and so many more. However, most traditional gym bags offer many pockets including mesh pockets to store wet items.


Gym bags can be made of a variety of materials:


Polyester is one of the most popular materials of gym bags you can find in the market. Thanks to the high durability as well as the ease of cleaning and the water-resistant, heavy-duty polyester bags are highly appreciated.


The only issue of polyester is that it doesn’t ventilate well making it exposed to bacteria and mold if you don’t have proper cleaning method and schedule.



Most people love nylon because of the lightweight, and wallet-friendliness.

However, its lack of durability and can get stains easily.


You’ll find tons of things to fall for leather: the luxurious texture and design, the smooth feel, the extended lifespan, and especially the fantastic ability to hold its shape throughout the time.


That being said, the price for a leather gym bag is undoubtedly not low. You’ll have to pay more for leather. Another thing you may find challenging is that it stains easily and might not be the best material when it comes to ventilation and getting rid of odors.


Next, Nogii have the canvas material, which also comes with many advantages. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and in most cases, machine-washable. It will do great help once the bag starts to smell and hold odors from sweaty clothes and shoes.


However, this material doesn’t handle moisture well. You may face odor issues when putting your wet clothes in, and it takes quite a period to dry down after washing completely.



Also known as synthetic leather, vinyl is good at resists stains and a bit more budget-friendly, especially when compared to natural leather.

One of vinyl’s biggest cons is that it gets scratches easily and can appear a bit beaten-up much faster compared to others made from different materials.


Carrying a heavy gym bag on our shoulders has never been a comfortable experience. That’s especially right if its handles or shoulder straps are tough and unadjustable. Don’t sacrifice anything for comfort.

Which Is The Best: Gym Bag Or Duffle Bag?

Gym Bag

The traditional gym bag, or at least what we today consider as “traditional”, has a few similarities: various pockets, shorter handles, and shoulder straps to carry them around.

Best Gym Bag
Gym Bag

Others come with separate compartments to store your shoes, wet items, and even personal pieces such as phones and purses. These nags also offer an extended range of sizes and colors.

Most of the time, gym bags can act as a vacation bag or a carry-on for air travel. They’re versatile.

Duffle Bag

The same as those traditional units, duffel bags are multifunctional– and some even say they’re more versatile than gym bags. They offer plenty of room to put your clothes and other items in as well as a great traveling option and also has a variety of materials to choose from.

The popular characteristics of a duffel bag are the softer sides helping to fit stuff it in tight or irregular spaces without effort. Also, they use zippers to replace the drawstrings of yesteryear. Additionally, many duffel bags have pockets inside and outside.

Duffle Bag
Duffle Bag

The original duffel bags came in a cylindrical, canvas design, but those of today has square sides. You can also choose duffels in a range of colors and materials.

Most duffel bags possess a solid, scratch-resistant bottom to against the stress of transport. Many also offer wheels and larger design to deal with heavier loads.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Body Wash From A Gym Bag?

Step To Clean Your Bag

Now, let’s get to know every step of the cleaning process.

  • First, get everything out of the bag, even the bottom plastic piece.
  • Then, let it rest for a few hours to air out
  • After that, wash the bag with water and mild soap with no bleach
  • Place the bag on a flat surface to air dry it.
  • After the bag dries down, use anti-bacterial wipes to wipe the bags thoroughly, get to every nook and corner, even the handles.
  • After that, let it air dry again.

Tips and Advice

Disinfectant wipes are one of the best ways to maintain the cleanliness of your gym bag. Keep the wipes in your vehicle or inside your bag, and give it a quick wipe after every couple time of uses.

For a deeper clean, you may give it a machine wash. If you have a regular canvas bag, using your favorite detergent will be fine, but make sure to wash under cold water. Warm water can make the canvas material shrunk down a bit.

If you possess a bag made of multiple fabric, create a mixture of warm water and white vinegar in the same ratio (for examples, 1:1 or 2:2). Then, use a small amount of Dawn dish soap and a soft sponge to clean the bag inside out.

Also, having a fix cleaning schedule is also a must to keep everything nice and hygiene.

And it’s even much more important to prevent germs from spreading before it starts. Don’t place your bag the floor and shield your clothes carefully. When you’ve finished your gym workout, make sure you pack things up properly. Sweaty clothing only causes mold and germs.

Experts also advise keeping those bacterias isolated. For instance, you can cover damp or smelly shoes in plastic bags or shower caps before putting them in your bag.

Keeping dryer sheets in your bag if it’s likely to smell, then empty it as soon as possible once you’re home is recommended.

To close things up,

So, that is it.

Everything you need to know about gym bags including 5 of the best ones in the market and the complete manual and buying guide is in today’s post.

What do you think? Have any of them caught your attention? Tell us in the comment section down below. We’d love to hear from you.

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