Top Nine Best Kettlebells Reviews

Review Of The Best Kettlebells Of 2019: Ultimate Guide

Kettlebells are balls made from iron or steel. They usually come with a handle, meaning users can hold on to the kettle effortlessly.

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A kettlebell is well-known in workout sessions because it suits many types of exercises. It can strengthen the muscles, increase the stamina and flexibility. In short, it is marvelous for health practices.

But how can you tell if you have chosen the best kettlebell?

We understand that picking suitable kettlebells can be a challenge for you. It is why we offer our insightful guide. Once scrolling down, you will find our review on the best nine kettlebells.

You will also receive advice on kettlebells’ buying tips, as well as clarifications concerning the use of kettlebells. After reading our article, rest assured that you will become an expert in kettlebells!

Top Nine Best Kettlebells Reviews

Don’t you believe us? Let’s read and see!

Top Nine Best Kettlebells Reviews

Yes4All Combo Special

We will kick off the list by a favorite brand in the workout industry: Yes4All. The kettlebells produced by this company guarantees the best experience for users.

Yes4All Combo Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Weight Sets

Each kettlebell is sturdy and hardened since the primary material is solid cast iron. But don’t you worry about its weight. The best thing about Yes4All kettlebells is that they come in a variety of heaviness.

The slightest size of a kettlebell is 5lbs, and its heaviest counterpart is a 30lbs. Therefore, feel free to stretch out your muscles with this combo of kettlebells regardless of your gender.

Another exciting feature of these kettlebells is the color. All Yes4All kettlebells have a flawless blue PVC outer shell. Not only is it eye-pleasing, but it is also capable of increasing the durability.

However, it is worth noticing that the bottom of each kettlebell is quite small. It means that you will receive little support if you want to perform balancing exercises (like pushing up)

In short, Yes4All kettlebells are an excellent choice for you if you are going to invest in premium-quality workout tools. They do come with a slight disadvantage, but it should not be too much of a problem.


  • The steel handle of each kettlebell ensures a secure grip.


  • Without chalk, users may experience scratches from the handle.

Rep Fitness Kettlebells

If you are looking for high-quality kettlebells, but you cannot afford high prices, then Rep Fitness kettlebells must be on your list.

Rep Fitness kettlebells

The most outstanding feature of these kettlebells are the SmoothGrip handles. Unlike other brands, Rep Fitness makes use of matte-textured finish to coat the handles. Now you can get down to workout without damage to your palms.

But what if there are too many kettlebells and you can’t tell which one is yours?

If you happen to share your kettlebells with others, Rep Fitness will prevent you from misplacing your tools. For each weight, a kettlebell will have a different color marked around the handle. A thumb up easier recognition!

But you have to be aware! Since these kettlebells are cast-iron, they may cause scratches on the floor. To preserve the storage surface, you might need to place your kettlebells on a mattress.

Despite a tiny drawback, Rep Fitness kettlebells are still worth purchasing. They are affordable, yet they are still useful for your workout sessions.


  • The product comes with a 90-day warranty. You can have your money back if there are problems happen to your kettlebells.


  • There can be minor scratches on the body of the kettlebell.

CAP Barbell Kettlebells

CAP Barbell kettlebells promise to suit both beginners and professionals. Let’s explore the magic behind these favorable kettlebells.

The design of CAP Barbell’s handle is probably the most notable. Unlike the typical round handles, CAP Barbell provides users with a wide opening handle. It will secure your grasp, making it more comfortable to swing the kettlebells around.

CAP Barbell Kettlebells

Besides, you should also pay attention to the kettlebells’ flat bottoms. Not only are they fit for storage, but they can also support your balance exercises. Try doing push-ups or handstands with these CAP Barbell kettlebells, everyone!

Still, it is worth knowing that the handle is not entirely smooth. Some of you may experience inconvenience, especially if you do not use chalk.

Overall, CAP Barbell kettlebells are of good value. While the coating can be a bit rough, other features of these kettlebells will not let you down.


  • Each kettlebell is from cast iron, which means there is no weld or seam.


  • The handle’s size can be too small, especially for people with slender fingers.

Kettlebell Kings

The next item on our list of nine best kettlebells is from Kettlebell Kings. And what catches our attention right from the start is the smooth coat of each kettlebell.

Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Kings claims to use a unique powder coat, which results in a soft surface. This finish will make sure your hands are well protected, so feel free to exert yourself physically with these kettlebells, everyone!

Some of you may worry about kettlebells dismantling into smaller pieces. But rest assured that with Kettlebell Kings, every single kettlebell comes from an intact piece of cast iron. No weld and no seam, guys!

Nevertheless, the handle of these kettlebells can be a bit slim for professional gymnasts. So maybe it will fit kettlebell beginners much better than experienced users.

In summary, if you want to buy kettlebells that last a long time, invest in this product. The powder coating will minimize the chipping, and you can enjoy your kettlebells as much as you like.


  • Each kettlebell comes with a color band, making it easier to distinguish among different weight levels.


  • The finish does not live up to the expectations. Many customers have complained about it being crinkle at certain spots.

SPRI Kettlebell

Do you want a break from the traditional-looking kettlebells? If so, then you must have a look at these glistening kettlebells from SPRI.


SPRI kettlebells stand out compared to their counterparts thanks to their excellent vinyl coating. For each weight level, the vinyl coating has a matching color. For example, 10-pound is red while 25-pound is green. Easy to remember, right?

Another remarkable highlight of SPRI kettlebells is their large handle. Designed to give users a full grip, SPRI makes sure each handle is wide enough for your fingers’ wrap.

Nevertheless, stay alert everyone! The vinyl coating guarantees a flawless experience for kettlebell training, but you have to handle it with care. The sleek surface may suffer from scratch if it comes into contact with sharp edges.

However, SPRI kettlebells are still worth the purchase. They can combine multiple workout exercises at once, they are not costly, and they have an attractive look!


  • The handle is designed to be wide and secure, which guarantees an easy grip for gymnasts.


  • Due to delivery service, some customers may receive kettlebells with vinyl coating suffers from cuts.

AmazonBasics Kettlebells

AmazonBasics may not have the most beautiful kettlebells, but it does produce high-quality workout tools. So why should you choose AmazonBasics kettlebells?

AmazonBasics kettlebells

The answer lies in their simplicity. AmazonBasics kettlebells come from solid cast iron, and they keep the original black color. The outer shell of each kettlebell is covered with paint so that the kettlebell can enjoy a longer lifespan.

These kettlebells from AmazonBasics are not fit for all types of exercises. They serve mainly in resistance-training workout sessions, which help to build your muscle. So if you want to add some mass, pick out these dudes!

While the appearance might be a bit boring, this design will suit those who seek serious help from heavy workout sessions. Also, some customers have problems with the polished handle, so make sure you apply some chalk, just in case.

In short, AmazonBasics kettlebells provide you with simple yet powerful kettlebells. Despite their rough look, these kettlebells can bring out your inner gym spirit!


  • The product comes with many different weight levels, which suit everyone from beginners to professional gymnasts.


  • When come into contact with hand sweat, the handle can be extremely slick and inconvenient.

Best Choice Products kettlebells

Are you looking for a set of kettlebells that will assist you in a variety of workout exercises? Bravo, then this product from Best Choice Products will live up to your expectations.

Best Choice Products

This set of kettlebells consists of three units, and they weigh 5 – 10 – 15 pounds subsequently. The material here is sturdy HDPE with cement content, ensuring the durability of your kettlebells.

Although they do not come from a solid piece of cast iron, the seam and weld are of the highest quality. You do not have to worry about your kettlebells getting rusty and fallen apart. A big bonus!

But what will surprise you the most is the smart design of the bottom. By adding a base rack, Best Choice Products help you solve the problems of storage. Now, you don’t have to worry about your kettlebells rolling on the floor.

There is one disadvantage to this set of kettlebells though! The handles of these kettlebells are not smooth, which may cause irritations for your grip.

Overall, if you do not mind a bit of roughness, three kettlebells from Best Choice Products will satisfy your workout appetite. Not only are they suitable for multiple exercises, but they are also easy to store and organize!


  • The design of this set of kettlebells follows ergonomic rules, meaning it can secure a better grip.


  • The handle can be quite cramped for people with big hands.

Kettle Gryp weight grip

Having kettlebells for your workout sessions are indeed amazing. But what will you do when you are far away from home? Bringing your kettlebells along seems impossible.

Kettle Gryp

This tricky situation allows Kettle Gryp to come up with an excellent product: a weight grip. Technically, it is not a kettlebell. But it can turn into a makeshift kettlebell, so we include it on the list for your preference.

Kettle Gryp – in essence – is an accessory with two handles. Its shape is similar to the handle of standard kettlebells. By placing a dumbbell between two handles and tighten the grip, you now have a perfect kettlebell!

The most exciting feature of a Kettle Gryp is its flexibility. Though it has only one size, a Kettle Gryp can accommodate most sizes of the dumbbell. Therefore, it can help you to exert with different weight levels.

However, you need to know that a Kettle Gryp is not a kettlebell. Therefore, it may not be able to provide you as much assistance as a standard kettlebell will do.

But then again, you cannot expect too much from a workout accessory. A Kettle Gryp is easy to transport and it does not dry out your pocket. That is a total treat for those of you who do not want to miss a single workout session.


  • The product is versatile and portable, which mean users can pack it along on their journey.


  • Once a dumbbell gets into this accessory, the Kettle Gryp can be significantly bigger than a typical kettlebell.

Empower Adjustable Kettlebell

Most of the kettlebells on the market target at male customers. But Empower’s products focus primarily on female users. So what makes Empower adjustable kettlebells the best choice for women?

Empower Kettlebell

At first glance, Empower kettlebells can impress users with their elegant coat. Are you fed up with dull, boring black covers? Then you will amaze at the light blue outer shell of this product. It gives out a pleasant and satisfying vibe.

But appearance aside, what truly differentiates Empower from other brands is its click-and-twist plates.

Have you ever struggled with adjustable kettlebells? With this patented design from Empower, changing the weight of your kettlebells is no longer a nightmare. Removing or adding plates to your kettlebell is an easy game!

However, some users have complained about the handle. It turns out the material used to craft the kettlebell can be slippery at times.

But we cannot expect perfection, can we? Ladies, if you are looking for a nice set of kettlebells, Nogii bet you would love to invest in these Empower babes. Not only are they good-looking, but they are also perfect for your physical exertion.


  • The sleek finish on the kettlebell guarantees no scratches to your hands.


  • Each plate of the kettlebell is reported to be slippery, which can make removing or adding weights a challenge for new users.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Kettlebells?

If used correctly, kettlebell training can bring about numerous benefits for your health.

  • Kettlebells can be helpful for many parts of your body. Most workout equipment is designed to assist your muscles. But kettlebells can do more than that! Ever think about combining cardio and stamina? If the answer is yes, then kettlebells are for you.
  • Kettlebells help you to lose weight quickly. Most exercises with kettlebells force many muscles to work at the same time. If you make use of kettlebells regularly, rest assured that they will improve your weight significantly.
  • Kettlebells can strengthen your body without turning yourself into a hulk.  Many gymnasts experience ripped muscles, which can be unaesthetic. But kettlebells only increase your lean muscle, so no worry about getting bulky!
  • Kettlebells are more time-saving for busy people. If you do not have time to hit the gym, consider using kettlebells. They provide quick workout sessions, but they still promise to bring about great results. Hooray!

What To Consider When Buying A Kettlebell?

There are certain factors that you need to take into account while shopping for kettlebells.

1. The type of kettlebells.

Besides the standard kettlebells, there are a variety of kettlebells for you to choose. Some of them have a vinyl outer coat, while others are adjustable. You can even find kettlebells with decorations, like a gorilla’s face!

On an unrelated side note, there are some accessories that can turn dumbbells into kettlebells. You can find an example in our review above. But it is just an alternative option. We will still advise you to buy real kettlebells for your workout.

2. The purpose of kettlebells.

Some kettlebells serve in professional athletic competitions. They have a small and squarer handle. Of course, lifting them up will be more difficult for amateur gymnasts.

If you are a kettlebell beginner, you should choose kettlebells for daily use. Each kettlebell is designed to work in unique fields, so make sure you get a pair of kettlebells that fits your needs.

3. The thickness of a handle.

Many people believe that thick handles mean a motivation to work out harder. But no!

If a handle is too thick to wrap your fingers around, the chances are you will not be able to grip it firmly. Thich handles will exhaust your arms and wear you out quickly.

4. The weight of kettlebells.

The weight of kettlebells can affect your workout outcome directly. Experts recommend different starting weights for men and women, which you can find later in our guide.

Generally speaking, it is worth remembering that you should purchase kettlebells with a reasonable weight. Pick something weighty enough to challenge your muscles, but not excessive loads that will leave you breathless.

The Best Choice

From our review of the best nine kettlebells above, we would like to pick out an optimal product. And it is the Rep Fitness Kettlebells! Let’s examine why Rep Fitness Kettlebells deserve to be your best choice!


  • The handle has a matte-textured outer shell, which supports your grip better.
  • Different kettlebells come in different colors, making it easier to pick out your ideal weight.
  • All kettlebells are cast iron, which is suitable for cardio and muscle-building exercises.
  • Rep Fitness kettlebells have a 90-day warranty. If there is something wrong with your purchase within the first three months, you will be able to receive a refund.


  • There are some bumpy spots around the handle, but using sandpaper will solve the problem.
  • The iron bottom of each kettlebell may cause stretches on the storage surface.

How To Use Kettlebells?

Now that you have chosen a perfect kettlebell for your workout sessions, it is time to consider using it.

But hold on a second!

Are you sure you know how to use kettlebells properly?

If you don’t, then let us give you some tips on how to make the best use out of kettlebells.

  • Do not underestimate the weight of a kettlebell. Many users are reckless enough to swing kettlebells back and forth without any precaution. It will result in serious injuries that can cause permanent damage to your body.
  • When swinging kettlebells, make sure you stand tall with feet firmly clinging to the ground. Once you start swinging, remember to lower your stance and bend your knees over. This disposition will help you gain momentum quickly.
  • When you start lifting your kettlebells, try to press all your weight onto your heels and feet. It will create a sturdy foundation in your lower body, so you can freely workout with your hands and arms.
  • Under no circumstances should you move your kettlebells directly over your head. Just a slip of your grip and your head will suffer from a terrible blast. Therefore, you must stay away from all movements that may drop a kettlebell on your skull.
  • Before using kettlebells, it is essential that you carefully warm yourself up. Proper preparation will help your body adjust to the weight of kettlebells easier.
  • If you have problems with wrapping the handle, you may consider using chalk. Chalk powder can ease the friction, thus tightening your grip. All you have to do is to sink your fingers and palms into chalk powder, and then boom! Problem solved!

Can You Build Muscle With Kettlebells?

It is true that working out with kettlebells can bring great wonders to your health. But what about your muscles? Will you be able to build your muscles with kettlebell training?

Lucky for you, the answer is yes! A kettlebell requires you to focus your strength in particular spots so that you can lift it. Therefore, kettlebell training will hone your muscles.

But how exactly do kettlebells help with muscle building?

By doing grind exercises! Grind exercises refer to a thorough workout which forces your whole body to sweat. Below are some typical grind exercises using kettlebells that you can apply to your workout routine.

  • Kettlebell swing. This exercise will help you strengthen your forearms, arms, and shoulders.
  • Kettlebell lunges. If you want to build muscles in your legs, hips, and arms, then you should not miss out on this exercise.
  • Kettlebell rows. Do you want to work out on your legs, shoulders, and buttocks? A few reps of kettlebell rows every day will solve the problem for you.
  • Kettlebell deadlifts. This exercise focuses primarily on your legs’ muscles. Are you in for toned legs? Kettlebell deadlifts are for you.

However, you cannot expect to build your muscles simply just kettlebell training. You also have to balance your rest and your diet.

To support muscle building, make sure you consume enough protein, so your body can reconstruct new tissues. Besides, you should get a sufficient amount of sleep to relax your body and restore its vigor.

What Is The Good Kettlebell Weight To Start With?

Kettlebells are great for body workout. But the problem is that they come in a variety of weights.

So what is the best weight to start using kettlebells?

For women, experts usually recommend using 18 lbs kettlebells. 18lbs is equivalent to roughly 8kg. It is not too heavy, yet it still requires users to exert physically.

However, you should be aware that this weight does not apply to all. For women with previous experience in working out, the ideal weight to start is 12kg or 26 lbs. It is a bit bigger, so the workout sessions will be more challenging.

When it comes to male users, you should consider using 35 lbs kettlebells. And do not jump to the conclusion that lifting 16kg is a piece of cake for men! A kettlebell workout is different from typical lifting, guys!

Working out with kettlebells involves muscles strain at an unprecedented level. Therefore, to avoid injuries even experienced male gymnasts should start with a 35lbs kettlebell.

Is Kettlebell A Good Workout?

There are several workout tools available on the market. So how can you tell if kettlebell is beneficial for your health?

It turns out that indeed, kettlebells are an excellent choice for those of you keen on working out. There are many benefits associated with kettlebells, some of which we have already mentioned above.

  • Kettlebell training can help you to achieve multiple goals at once. Do you want to increase your stamina? Or to lose your body fat? What about improving your flexibility? Practicing kettlebells will get them all for you.
  • Kettlebell training can assist your posture. Many people complain about having weak core muscles, which result in poor body stance. Working out with kettlebells will gradually beautify your disposition.
  • Kettlebell training does not require excessive investment. Unlike other forms of workout, you only need to buy a few kettlebells that fit your body weight – no need to purchase fancy tools that might never be useful.

Are Adjustable Kettlebells Any Good?

Besides the standard kettlebells that we have been discussing, there is one more type of kettlebells. They are adjustable kettlebells, meaning you can change the weight of each kettlebell.

An adjustable kettlebell comes with a handle and several detachable plates. You can add or remove specific plates, meaning you can accustom the heaviness of your kettlebells.

However, adjustable kettlebells are not flawless. Many people complain about kettlebells being too loose sometimes. If the plates of an adjustable kettlebell are not tight enough, the chances are that they will slip away.

But that does not mean adjustable kettlebells are useless. If you do not want to invest in multiple kettlebells with different sizes, you might opt for one single adjustable kettlebell.

While the price may be a bit higher than standard kettlebells, one adjustable kettlebell is enough for you to work out with various weight levels. It is compact, flexible and effective.

In Summary

Kettlebells are a perfect place to start if you are looking for workout equipment. They are affordable, versatile and they guarantee to improve your health.

If you find our review on the best kettlebells helpful, please do not hesitate to spread this around. It is 2019 and sharing is loving!

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