Best Resistance Bands Reviews

2019 Best Resistance Bands Reviews: Top 6

For those of you who wish to get in good shape, but you do not want to spend a lot on workout tools, then you must take a look at resistance bands.

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Resistance bands (RB) are rubber pieces that can support you physically. They are elastic and stretchy, so they can make your workout sessions more challenging.

But how can you tell if you have chosen the best resistance band?

Lucky for you, Nogii have compiled a review of the most favorite resistance bands. If you are still pondering, why not give our guide a go?

Let’s scroll down to find out more!

Best Resistance Bands Reviews

Top Six Best Resistance Bands Reviews of 2019

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Fit Simpify

For beginners and professionals alike, it is a must that you seek out high-quality RB that fit all your needs. Hence, we kick off our review list by a set of 5 resistance bands from Fit Simplify.

The charm of Fit Simplify lies in its material. Avoiding using rubber – which may lose the elasticity after a while – Fit Simplify makes use of eco-friendly latex. They guarantee a better experience, and they also last for a longer time!

However, the surface of Fit Simplify can be quite slippery. They can roll up on your legs, so watch out for specific exercises.

But besides that minor drawback, Fit Simplify is of good value. They do not irritate your skin, and you can expect to work out on your whole body with different levels of stretchiness.


  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty. You can get your money back if the bands are flawed in any way.


  • The bands can get cumbersome if you engage in exercises involving a lot of movements.


2019 Best Resistance Bands Reviews: Top 6 1

Ladies, if you are looking for a set of eye-pleasant resistance bands, then TwobeFit will not let you down! Let’s explore the elegance of this product!

What differentiates TwobeFit from other brands is the design. To prevent the resistance bands from slipping on your body, TwobeFit incorporates non-rolling fabric on the inside of each band. Say goodbye forever to slipping accidents, everyone!

Still, it is worth noticing that this set only comes with three bands. In other words, the diversity of tension level in TwobeFit might not live up to your expectations.

In short, if you are a gym beginner, this product may very well fit you. But if you are a seasoned workout, then you should opt for other options with a more diverse set of TwobeFit.


  • Your purchase includes a travelling bag, so you can bring your bands along easily.


  • The material is 55% polyester and 45% natural latex, so the elasticity cannot compared to 100% natural latex bands.



Are you a trained gymnast who wants to get serious with your home workout plans? If the answer is yes, why don’t you have a look at this all-encompassing set of resistance bands from UPOWEX?

At first glance, UPOWER seems to have provided you with a well-equipped gym!

Along with five resistance bands for five different tension levels are many accessories. You can have the foam handles, the ankle straps, a door anchor, a carry bag, and even a detailed workout guide. What else can you expect? Yay!

But do not expect perfection from these babes. Some customers have complained about getting itchy after using UPOWEX’s for a long time. Therefore, we recommend that you take a rest every 30 minutes for your skin to relax.

Overall, UPOWEX’s set of resistance bands is a must-have product on your shopping list. With proper rest, you will soon achieve your ideal shape by using these tools.


  • Each of the band is color-coded for quick recognition.


  • There is only one pair of handles, which means you have to switch them from one band to another.

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands


Dark-colored resistance bands can be off-putting for women users. If you are into bright shades, this set of Letsfit will not let you down!

The most notable feature of Letsfit’s product is the material. To ensure the highest level of resilience, Letsfit crafts each resistance band out of 100% natural latex.

This use of high-quality textile will prolong the lifespan of your workout tools. But more importantly, Letsfit’s make sure you will not suffer from any discomfort during your workout sessions.

However, customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with how elastic the bands are. While the strongest band is indeed flexible, other bands are not very stretchy.

In short, Letsfit from Letsfit are still worth buying if you want a decent set of workout tools. Nevertheless, bear in mind that they might not work as perfectly as advertised!


  • Letsfit are versatile, so you can perform a lot of different workout exercises.


  • Customers who are hairy should not directly apply the resistance bands on their skin to avoid discomfort.



If our recommendation on the UPOWEX set is already mind-blowing, then you will be surprised at another similar option. Let’s dive deeper into a product from Tribe, and see what it has in store for us!

The reason why we put this item on our review is because of its generous offer. For a decent amount of money, you can get five RB with five different levels of elasticity. But that is not the end!

You will also own many backup tools, from soft-grip handles to a water-repellent bag. Though they might seem redundant, these accessories will be beneficial for your workout sessions.

Still, not all the accessories in this set are of good value. The handles do not come with reliable strap-ons, so you may feel a bit rubbed during your workout sessions.

But besides that minor discomfort, there is not much against this amazing set of RB. They are bouncy, they can tackle all your muscles and tada, the price is within your reach!


  • Tribe are anti-snap, so your bands will remain elastic for a long time.


  • Inexperienced customers may not be familiar with how to attach and detach the handles, making the whole workout session more challenging.

Limm Resistance Bands

Limm Resistance Bands

Since most RB are from a rubber-like material, the chances are they will give off a terrible scent. But with Limm, you can finally lay hands on odor-free resistance bands!

Since Limm only uses 100% natural latex, all the smell will be gone. Despite this seemingly tiny feature, a set of odor-free resistance bands will increase your satisfaction with the workout session.

But what truly makes Limm outstanding is the attached benefits. Are you worried about getting a storage space? Limm has a carry bag available for you! And if you need some instructions, feel free to read through the manuals. Yay!

However, the lightest resistance band may not be very helpful for your body. But rest assured that the other four bands will do an excellent job in muscle training.

To wrap up, Limm resistance bands are still an ideal choice, regardless of your fitness level. Though not all of the bands are super resilient, most of them are capable of making you sweat.


  • There are five different bands with different levels of elasticity. You can combine them and get the best out of your workout session.


  • The product does not come with an instruction on possible exercises that use RB.

What Are The Benefits Of Using it?

There are several merits you can get from using RB. If you are wondering about the effects of using these seemingly basic tools, scroll down and see what they can for your health.

  • RB are affordable. Since they are rubber bands, they will not cost you a lot of money.
  • It fit a variety of physical challenges. If you want to exert yourself more, all you need to do is to add some more bands. No big deal!
  • RB can work on all your muscles. Combined with different exercises, resistance bands make sure your whole body will sweat.
  • RB are lightweight and portable. Therefore, you can bring these bands along even when you are on the move. No more worry about missing out on your daily workout routine!
  • RB are easy to store. Unlike other cumbersome workout tools, resistance bands will not take up much space in your home.

What To Consider When Buying Resistance Bands?

When you are shopping for the optimal RB, remember to look out for these factors! They can make or break the success of your resistance bands.

1. The tension level

There are three primary levels of tension in RB. They are light, medium and heavy. Each level will affect a unique group of muscles on your body.

To determine which resistance bands to buy, first, you have to understand your body. Are you ready to embrace the strain of heavy resistance bands? Or you only need some light workout exercises?

Once you know the answer, obtaining the most suitable RB will be a piece of cake.

2. The style

Many people do not realize that RB have a wide range of designs. Besides the traditional long tubes, RB also have circular shapes, or an 8 figure.

Each style will fit different types of exercises, so once again, it all boils down to how you want to work out on your body. However, if you are a gym beginner, we highly recommend that you purchase the long tubes.

Best Choice

Now that you have finished our review of the best six resistance bands, you have to pick out the most suitable option. So what will be your optimal purchase?

Our answer will be the set of RB from UPOWEX. Together, let’s see what makes them the best choice!


  • The material is high-quality natural latex, imported from Malaysia. This textile guarantees the highest level of resilience and helps your resistance bands to last longer.
  • All five bands can be combined into one single tube. If you wish to add an extra challenge to your workout session, feel free to stack everything and feel the burn of 150lbs.
  • There are many accessories inside one set of UPOWEX resistance bands. These tools will help you achieve your fitness goals easier. And with some creativity, you can also diversify your exercises!
  • The resistance bands have strong and sturdy hooks. Unlike other low-end plastic carabiner rings – which may fall off – UPOWEX upgrades them to metal hooks. These durable connectors will ensure safety for your workout session.
  • The attached online manual does not seem to be helpful, according to some customers. They believe the instructions are vague, and the exercises do not apply to everyone.


  • There is only one pair of removable handles. If you want to switch the handles from one band to another, it will be time-consuming.
  • For customers with short arms, using the handles can be awkward and inconvenient.
  • For customers with sensitive skin, the RB may cause minor itchiness or tiny scratches on your skin.
  • The travel bag is not spacious enough to store all the accessories. You will need an extra bag to carry along all the RB.

Overall, UPOWEX resistance bands are not without flaws. But after careful considerations, Nogii believe that if this is the best choice for you.

If you are still pondering over which resistance bands to buy, then why not give our recommendation a try?

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Typical Resistance Bands Exercises

Congratulations! Now that you have got the best resistance band, there is only one question remaining.

How can you make the best use out of RB?

If you have no idea yet, why not try some of the most typical resistance bands exercises that we have here!

  • Resistance band jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are no stranger to most people. To add a bit more challenge, you can use your hands to pull the band over your head. It’s a simple yet effective way to heat your body.
  • Resistance band lunges. Lunges can build on your legs’ muscles, and wrapping a resistance band around your thighs will force your legs to sweat even more.
  • Resistance band squat. Similar to lunges, all you have to do in this exercise is to place a resistance band around your knees. Once you start your typical squat session, the band will strain on your muscles. Yay!
  • Resistance band push-ups. For this exercise, you need to place your resistance band around your shoulder. Place your hands inside the loop. Once all is done, start pushing up your body as usual.

Do Resistance Bands Work?

Since RB are fundamental workout tools, many people question their effectiveness. But rest assured that resistance bands work well for your body!

  • The elastic feature of RB will force your muscles to strain. In other words, adding resistance bands to your daily workout exercises will help tone your body effortlessly.
  • If you are not flexible and would like to improve on that, RB are for you! By assisting your body in stretching activities, RB will boost your motion and mobility.

What Color Resistance Band Is The Strongest?

Resistance bands are classified based on their colors. There are five colors used to identify different bands; namely yellow, green, red, blue, and black.

  • Yellow indicates the lightest level of tension. They are mainly applicable to shoulders and shins.
  • Green implies a slightly heavier tension. They are less elastic than yellow, but they are still very much lenient on your body.
  • Red is for medium and light heavy tensions. If you want to work out on your chest or your legs, red RB will be best for you.
  • Blue has the second heaviest tension level. They require high strength to stretch out, and they will be a real challenge for your body.
  • Black is the strongest resistance band, as it is the stiffest. If you have not experienced with RB before, you will have a hard time pulling these black dudes. Black RB are the best fit for large muscle groups, such as your legs or your back.

Are Resistance Bands As Good As Weights?

For gymnasts, weights are more popular. But that does not mean RB cannot compete with weights in terms of effectiveness. It turns out that resistance bands are as useful as weights.

  • RB are more affordable than weights. For something that does not cost you too much, RB still guarantee a fantastic outcome on your body.
  • RB do not affect your joints directly as weights do. They force your muscles to work, but at the same time, they do not put your body under too much pressure.
  • It can combine with various exercises. They can focus on training a specific spot, or they can help you work out on your whole body.

Are Resistance Bands Good For Glutes?

Glutes are a group of muscles that build up your buttocks. For many women (and even men), working out on glutes is the top priority when they hit the gym. But little do they know that resistance bands are excellent for glutes as well.

  • For squat-like exercises, place your resistance band around your knees. Spread your legs and lower your body slowly. This movement will burn on your glutes.
  • For kicking and lying exercises, wrap your resistance band just above your ankles. You can also place them around your thighs. Move your legs up and down, or forward and backward. A real treat for your glutes!

Can You Lose Weight With Resistance Bands?

Many believe that the only way to lose weight is through rigorous cardio. But in fact, muscle training can make you lose weight.

When you train your muscles by RB, you are boosting the number of lean tissues – which will improve your metabolism rate. It is a much healthier way to burn your fat and lose weights. A thumb up for resistance bands!

Final Word

If you are thinking about home workouts, you should not miss out on RB. Not only are they cheap, but they can also affect your health for the better.

Should you find our review on the best resistance bands helpful, please do not hesitate to share it around!

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