Top 9 Best Rowing Machine Reviews

The 10+ Best Rowing Machine For Home Reviews 2019

The rowing machine is modern exercise equipment designed based on studies of body movement when rowing a boat. Its seats create the most comfortable feeling to control the intensity of your workouts effectively.

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Top 9 Best Rowing Machine Reviews

This type of machine also has some improvements to help you practice simpler but better body fat burning. Training with the rowing machine at your house you will find it easier and safer than other exercises.

But how to choose the best rowing machine for home use? Don’t worry, and we are here with you.

Nogii will suggest you some interesting ideas. They are the top list of products with reviews, the best way to use a rowing machine, and questions you may ask about this type of gymnastics.

Let’s get started with our article to find the suitable one for your fitness plan.

Top 9 Best Rowing Machines Reviews 2019

Don’t buy anything before finishing reading our reviews. Nogii brings you the top-rated list on the market. Take a closer look at all products.

Concept 2 Model E – Best Advanced Monitor

Concept2 Model E with PM5

Topping our recommended list is a rowing machine from Concept 2 brand. It is also an Editor’s Choice with the best-advanced monitor.

Modern design but simple to use, the PM5 provides precise and comparable data for every row. The LCD with backlight helps you to see clearly and it is also compatible with USB flash drives, easy to store your workout data and control your heart rate.

In terms of design, the Model E is the classy and durable machine of the indoor machine thanks to a sturdy 20″ frame height, nickel plating line and double electrostatic coating with gloss paint, highlighting the gym room at your home.

As a result, people with weak knees or restricted movement can use at ease. Also, the nickel-plated chains require less oil, and coating helps scratch protection.

Want to explore more?

You have total control over your efforts and resistance at all times because the spiral dampers allow airflow to be adjusted to the flywheel, minimizing noise and maximizing the smooth feeling.

On top of that, it has a fast-release frame-lock mechanism to split up the device quickly into two parts for storage and wheels to roll the device into place.

Note that the software interaction is unstable. The PM5 is a bad terminal for all practical purposes because USB interactions are not reliable. You can use a flash drive on a USB port even when it has 75% of battery power.

Despite its shortcoming, the Concept2 Model E is an ideal choice of indoor rowing machine. It is worth every cent that you pay.


  • Sturdy and high-quality
  • Comfortable rowing experience
  • Easy to get in and out
  • Simple to use and store
  • Quick assembly


  • The screen functions are primitive.

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine – Best Seller

Concept2 Model D with PM5

Many customers buy this model, making it a bestselling rowing machine in the world over 40 years. Which outstanding features of this model are worth buying for you?

The first is the reliable performance of this product, which is suitable for fitness facilities and gyms at home.

You perform a low impact exercise with a measure of your progress with useful data on a backlit LCD screen, comparable on each stroke or select workout options including time, interval way, and period.

Besides, it’s easy for you to monitor your heart rate or connect your fitness apps thanks to Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless compatibility. Also, you can save your workout to USB flash drive and smartphone.

When controlling the intensity of your exercises, the rowing machine has an air flywheel that responds to every blow and a damper changing quickly for airflow. Not only that, you will quickly choose a 1-10 damping level for workout plan in minimum noise and smooth operation.

The highlight of this 5-year frame warranty device is the easy assembly with only eight screws, fast movement on the wheels and quick split into two pieces for storage.

Moreover, it’s great when you join the challenge online and compare yourself with everyone through the rankings.

There’s nothing wrong to say about this model except the seat. It may irritate your tailbone despite having a cut-out section to account for this. It will be better to buy the gel seat covers.

Finally, you just hop on, row and relax, then proceed with your routine on Concept 2 Model D at home.


  • Simple to set-up and store
  • Small footprint
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Great air resistance
  • Solid-built design


  • The seat may not be comfortable for some heavy users.

XTERRA ERG600W – Best For Water Rower

XTERRA Fitness ERG600W Water Rower

The next choice from Editor is the best water rower. Join us to find the differences between this type of rowing machine and the above ones.

The premium design brings the water movement of the gentle ERG600W multi-wing impeller and meditation sound. It offers the unrivaled full-body workout with a unique paddle feel.

Furthermore, you practice rhythmically on the chair, which has a large border and can increase the height to maximize comfort and performance.

For exercise index, the large 5.5″ LCD panel in perfect viewing angle displays all your important information like total time, 500M time, calories, distance, stroke, stroke/minutes, day, room temperature, and clock.

Not to mention, the six levels of resistance are determined by the amount of water used in your tank for easy to challenging exercises. There are also programming modes for you to select including racing against the computer, and time, distance, stroke, calories countdown.

The manufacturer also gives you the most convenience when creating a steel frame and solid double aluminum rails for smooth movement, adjustable flex pedals with large velcro straps bending in every move, and the padded handles for maximum comfort.

This rower is very suitable for limited storage space when it is easy to fold the frame after use. And a big plus from the Xterra is the warranty for a 5-year frame, 2-year spare parts, 90-day labor.

However, the device has the flaw of materials. Xterra should change two cheap plastic foot pedals.

If you want a rower for home use, go out there and bring this model now. Then plan your exercises to do with comfort and convenience.


  • Great value and well-built
  • Excellent cardio tool with large display
  • Calming sound of water
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Good customer service


  • The plastic foot pedals are cheap and brittle.

Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine – High-Density Hydro Blades

Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine Rower

If you need is the finest exercise equipment, Sunny Health & Fitness never let you down. That is the reason why we mention three models of this brand in our best list.

Let’s begin with the SF-RW5713 model. How good is it?

The highlight of this model is its high-density hydro blades to create resistance during rowing practice.

Hydraulic blades withstand strong paddles for multiple levels of water-resistance while durable paddles rotate and push into the water.

To follow your workout, the digital screen displays the distance and time.  At the same time, the compatibility with ANT+ heart rate technology accurately measures your heart rate and monitor your performance effectiveness.

Here’s something interesting for you.

Water-resistance strengthens muscles and provides excellent cardiovascular benefits because water creates a smooth and stable paddle experience with every row.

In addition to that, resistance is immediately available with the flywheel and 16 fan blades. Users have unique experiences with fast rotating rotors and dynamic reactions due to harmonious interaction with water.

Last but not least, many other great features give you maximum comforts such as non-slip foot pads with nylon straps, large pedals strap, cushion seats, leveler for remaining machine level without wobbling and the convenient wheels.

The only way to increase or decrease resistance is to add or remove water. Although the manufacturer gives you a pump and funnels to do this, it does take some time.

Overall, in terms of price, home use, and excellent performance to maintain fitness, you’ll be happy to buy this Sunny rower.


  • Smooth slide and quiet water drive
  • Solid construction and great work
  • Lovely water sound
  • Super good feel on the pulls
  • Simple to set-up and use


  • The swiveling footrests may be slippery and uncomfortable for some people.

Stamina Rowing Machine – Dynamic Air Resistance

Stamina Air Rower Rowing Machine

With the dynamic air resistance, this rower of Stamina matches your pace perfectly. You control the intensity of workouts by rowing fast and slow to change the resistance level.

In the regular process, you follow the speed, distance, time, and calories are burned with a large, easy-to-read LCD screen.

Many other great features contribute to your relaxing workout are padded seats and handles, adjustable footplates, floor protection, and integrated wheels and folding frames for storage.

What’s more?

The oversized corner rails firmly support the seat to slide smoothly. And this machine comes with a three-year frame warranty and one-year parts warranty.

You may find the digital interface basic. The monitor displays to track your miles, calories burned, and time spent exercising.

Now you can do your workouts at home with the Stamina ATS Air Rower. Give it a try and start your fitness plan as soon as possible.


  • Plenty of space for leg extension
  • Good for workouts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Nice design and reasonable price


  • There’s no setting for resistance.

SF-RW5515 Rowing Machine – Magnetic Tension System

Magnetic Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor by SF-RW5515

Another Sunny Health & Fitness machine is for your needs. What good points does this rowing machine model offer you?

The first thing to mention is its Magnetic Tension System. Improved with eight adjustable tension levels, you increase or decrease resistance for your challenging and practical rowing machine training.

The product has a steel frame with a heavy load to survive over time with users of all sizes and levels.

Like other Sunny models, this machine also offers a large LCD panel showing time, quantity, calories, total, and scan. With the help of scanning mode, you can track your progress to reach your fitness goals.

For your safe use, you can count on non-slip foot pedals, foot straps keeping your feet in place, and comfortable foam grip handlebars.

You will enjoy rolling off to use or store the rower without lifting heavily or stretching your body because of the built-in wheels.

Be warned: There’s no way for you to track how many meters of rowing. It may be uncomfortable for some users.

In short, it is a great machine, whether for weight loss or strength building. Will you purchase it for your family gym?


  • Quick steps to install
  • Minimal noise level
  • Useful for serious workouts
  • Amazing quality
  • Good customer care


  • The monitor may be quite small to see.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine – Best Budget

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

The product keeps you fit at a low cost on the mechanical resistance system. It is a hydraulic rower using a single piston below the main column to bring the resistance.

After about 15 minutes of use, the resistance drops, and you can row effortlessly. It seems to be a problem with the piston, but you may find it useful when the issue of resistance prevents you from exercising long and at the right speed to start burning fat.

The footrest is not good because you have to keep stopping to strap your legs back into place. It means that every time you try to row faster, you are waiting for your feet to pop out again. You can solve this problem by installing thicker velcro straps.

Even so, the chair is comfortable for a low budget model, and action is good for short exercises of fifteen minutes or less. It is also quite sturdy for a compact machine and can also be folded for easy storage.

And the best part?

There are twelve resistance levels for most users and an essential and easy-to-use screen showing how far you row in each session, how long it takes, and how many calories burn.

Note that the machine does not come with preset programs or options to store workout performance.

The problem is the revolving mechanism under the machine having plastic bushings. They will wear out quickly when you use them with high resistance, or over a long time.

When having a small budget and space for exercises, consider buying this model from Stamina. You can even fold up and put it in a closet after finishing your workouts.


  • Great machine for the price
  • Minimal footprint and convenient storage
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Nice resistance
  • Full-motion arms


  • The rear rim isn’t tall enough.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine – Hydraulic Cylinder Resistance

SF-RW1205 12 Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine Rower w/ Digital Monitor

The third model of Sunny Health & Fitness comes with a hydraulic cylinder resistances. What difference does this feature make for the machine performance compared to other models?

The hydraulic cylinder resistance feature with 12 adjustable levels provides a low impact exercise according to your exact needs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will be able to achieve great results.

Keeping your momentum up and move safely is anti-slip foot pedals suitable for all sizes. The foot strap holds your feet in place so you can focus on your workouts without feeling unbalanced.

Also, the cushion ensures proper blood flow in the glutes for long and robust exercise because it reduces the pressure points in the caudal bone due to sitting and reduces sleepy feeling.

With a convenient LCD screen, you read the time quickly, count, total, calories, and scans to see progress and achieve fitness goals.

Furthermore, the handle is fully padded to allow a broader range of motion, giving you a more intense body workout.

There’s a minor thing to pay attention to. The product manual states that you only use the machine for a session of 15 minutes or less because of the heat generated in the resistance cylinder.

Lastly, this rowing machine is for average size people. If you are really heavy, look for you a bigger and more expensive device.


  • Low price and portable
  • Stable and sturdy unit
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Decent workout for beginners


  • The seat is a little wiggly.

ProGear Rowing Machine – 3 Adjustable Rowing Positions

ProGear 750 Rower with Additional Multi Exercise Workout Capability

Our last suggested rower is a product of ProGear. Find out the machine great features to know whether it is an ideal choice for you or not.

You will enjoy three adjustable rowing positions suitable for different user heights and three adjustable tilting corners. It offers optimum comfort thanks to the 37″- 43″ slide rail length, large seat with 1.8″ thick cushion and multi-exercise backrest.

ProGear 750 also comes with two independent hydraulic cylinders for stress resistance, three adjustable hydraulic resistance levels on both handles and provides 180-degree rowing movement.

It is useful for you to use this machine to perform ten other exercises, including rowing, bending, shoulder pressing, pulling down, curling biceps, flying pec, and ab exercises.

Along with that, an LCD monitor keeps track of time, distance, and calories burned to help you be motivated and work.

Some other attractive features that you own with this model is the slip-resistant foot pedals that have a belt structure for safety even during sweat training and folding for easy storage.

Be careful when getting on and off because the product seat is pretty low to the ground, or you will fall off easily.

If you want to enjoy doing exercises with ProGear 750 rower at home, you can buy it online or at the local store.


  • Very versatile and flexible
  • Smooth and quiet glide
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Good instructions
  • Straightforward usage


  • The seat may be uncomfortable for some people.

In the next part, we want to give you some main benefits when you do exercises with a rowing machine. Please read them carefully to be ready for your workouts.

Benefits When Using A Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a great option to get a fantastic cardiovascular exercise while working the whole body. It’s low impact and perfect for people with joint problems. If done correctly, you can get an excellent workout with less risk of injury.

Rowing works well for almost every muscle group, including legs, arms, back and body core while building strength in the heart and lungs.

You can see your motion from ankles to hands with each row to know why it is said that we use up to 70% of muscles while sailing.

Many people are afraid to use rowing machines at the gym, or they are not sure how to use them or how to get proper exercise. Some people also think that rowing machines are only for the upper body, but do not forget that our legs work hard during rowing.

Here are some main benefits of using a rowing machine, including:

Effective exercise

Because of requiring the use of many major muscle groups, the rowing machine is an effective way to increase your heart rate and increase your oxygen intake for better cardiovascular exercise.

This fitness plan contributes significantly to overall health such as weight loss, endurance, and a strong immune system, improving mood and quality of sleep.

Fast weight loss

Regular exercise on rowing machines can help you burn calories, tone your muscles, and increase energy because it helps burn an average of 600 calories per hour. Do not forget to combine a balanced diet to achieve your fitness goals.

Great upper and lower body training

Rowing impacts your shoulders, upper back, and lower back with improved posture to reduce back pain. Also, rowing machines help train biceps, calves, and abdominal muscles for strong core development.

Not only that, the main leg muscles involved are the quadrilateral in the upper front of the thigh, the calf and the buttocks. You train the lower body correctly by burning calories at a faster rate. To maintain flexibility and balance, the machine also improves muscle strength, tonicity, and resistance.

Low-impact cardio

A rowing machine is ideal for those who cannot perform heavy exercises like running, hiking, walking, and yoga because rowing movements are natural and low impact, causing minimal stress on the joints. Proper positions help your feet work well and reduce the pressure on your back.

Better endurance

At first, you may feel tired with this exercise, but it can help you to increase endurance and energy in the long term. Rowing is one of the cardio exercises with all your major muscle groups. So, you will increase your stamina and metabolism through repeated use.

More convenience

You can buy an affordable rowing machine for easy and convenient use at your home. Thus, both your family and friends will practice together with favorite music or TV program, increasing the motivation to maintain everyone’s fitness plan.

Moreover, workouts on rowing machines are quite easy to practice and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Just make sure you use proper rowing techniques to maximize your workout and minimize the possibility of injury.

Many benefits of using a rowing machine at home
Many benefits of using a rowing machine at home

Best Choice From Nogii Experts

In general, you cannot find your good rowing machine if you don’t know your needs and budget. Nogii gives you an example from our experiences. When searching for the best choice for this machine, we find a suitable one for our home gym.

It is the best seller in our list for you. The reason why we buy the Concept 2 Model D is that this product meets our demand. The whole family now enjoys rowing to keep fit comfortably and safely whenever we have free time.

We also can follow our progress with the LCD screens and apps and increase the intensity of exercises through 10 damper levels. We love it more thanks to its quiet, smooth operation, easy setup, and use.

Once again, you can give this model a go if you do have the same needs as ours. If not, there are still 8 top rowing machines in our suggestions for your consideration. Think twice and choose wisely.

Rowing Machine Workouts

First of all, you should know the movement and the positions when you perform rowing actions. Do not forget to find proper instructions if you don’t want to workout in the wrong way and get hurt easily.

Steps to using a rowing machine

Catch Phase

Starting with this motion, you have to sit on the rowing machine with two straight arms, upright back, bent ankles and knees. After that, you use your lats to pull down the shoulders and strengthen the body core with the protection of lower back.

Drive Phase

Your body movements will be ordered in a particular way.  You begin to drive by pushing the legs while still pulling and shrinking the core. When moving the legs straight, turn the hips and rest on the back 45 degrees. Finally, you pull the handles towards your body by using your arms with a few inches above your belly button.

Ending – To complete the move, you do the same action in reverse order. You extend your arms, turn your hips forward, put your torso on your legs and then bend your knees, so you come back to the catch stage.

Some of the most common errors

Don’t use your core during driving

Before you push back with your feet, make sure your core is mounted. Otherwise, you will end up doing your hips instead of your legs.

Go around your back

You may go around your back and slide forward to bring more tension on the back and shoulders. When you follow the correct order of arms, hip, torso, and then the knees, you can get a solid rhythm. Knee bending first changes movement time and effectiveness.

Note that a rowing machine is not for everyone. Therefore, you should meet your doctor first for some checks if you have any injury before. Using a rowing machine can aggravate the problem or even cause further damage.

Simple exercises for beginners

The exercises below are easy-to-do and very suitable for beginners. It is short and allows you to focus on your fitness while still at moderate intensity so you can feel about the device operation.

Follow our instructions and work at home:

  • Five minutes: Warm up with easy speed to increase your heart rate and about 3-4 on this scale of cognitive exertion.
  • 300 meters: Now, you increase stroke every minute to fasten your speed to moderate intensity. It’s level 5 or 6 in cognitive effort.
  • Two minutes: You reduce your stroke every minute to slow the exercise down and breathe gently. It’s time to take a rest or move the legs back and forth to recover your energy.
  • 300 meters: Again, increase your stroke every minute to return to moderate speed in 300 meters.
  • Two minutes: Again, slow down to take your breath.
  • 300 meters: You should increase your stroke every minute to do exercises at level 7.
  • Five minutes: Lastly, you row slowly and finish your fitness with a stretch.
  • You can also create your workouts by setting your goals with distance, time, and intensity.
Workout with a rower is the best way to lose fat
Workout with a rower is the best way to lose fat

What Is TOP Rowing Machine To Get?

To own the high-quality rowing machine, you should keep in mind these features, including:

Product type

Rowing machines have similar designs but can differ in providing resistance to help you exercise effectively. Here are some types of resistance include: water, air, magnetic, piston, or hydraulic resistance.

You should consider the benefits and unique feelings when choosing these types.

Comfort and adjustment

The good rowing machine gives you a pleasant seat, good foot cushion, and suitable adjustments. Remember to read the reviews to learn more about the experiences of other customers.

Noise levels

Rowing machines can be noisy than other equipment although some people appreciate the noise because it is like a kind of feedback they are working hard on. So, it relates to personal interest; let’s buy the right product for yourself.

Working space and storage

You need enough indoor space to set your rowing machine comfortably and safely. You should know that these machines have different lengths and are usually quite narrow, but most have large footprints.

Besides, you need an easy-to-store product after you finish your fitness, such as simple folding or splitting features. Also, you should select machines with wheels for quick movement.

Product price

Do not forget to set a budget for buying a rowing machine because the prices vary significantly between popular and high-end products. Note that high price models can be used a lot and last for a long time, while low-cost models help you practice right now but may need maintenance or replacement soon.

Maximum user weight

Compared to other exercise devices, rowing machines often handle higher pressure because they have fewer moving parts, so they are not stressed by heavy users.

Computer or monitor

The top rowers are usually designed with a useful computer or monitor giving you lots of useful information like time, distance, and calories burned. Moreover, checking the option of application connection, then you can upload data and track your progress.

Easy assembly

Even if you only assemble the rowing machine once after receiving it, you will need it done fast without any problems. One tip for you is that you can ask the sellers or see product reviews for more information.


The best products have the optimal warranty period for consumers to feel secure using for a long time. You need a good warranty for parts and frames, so study the guarantee before making a purchase.

Can You Lose Belly Fat On A Rowing Machine?

Yes, you can. The rowing machine is your secret weapon in the battle against belly fat, helping your belly to be slim in a very short time. Rowing machines also work on your legs, back, calves and arms, bringing a full-body cardiovascular exercise, without straining your knees and hips.

You can sit comfortably while your body is still entirely moving with this practice. Rowing is the activity using both the upper and lower body, which is good for the cardiovascular system. It will require your body more energy and muscle movement different than the treadmill types.

This form of exercise increases your heart rate, and your body moves in a new and exciting way.  On average, one person can burn 510 calories per hour with this machine. For better performance, you should combine rowing with another type of exercise.

How Long Should You Row On A Rowing Machine?

Another great thing about rowing machines is that it is easy to create many exercises aimed at all energy consumption.

If you are a beginner, you should start with about 10 minutes of rowing, then gradually adding more time each week when you get used to this movement. You can do it alone or at the end of your regular cardio workouts with other machine types.

You may also need to understand your conditions with the screen of this machine. Each rowing machine will have a different screen, but the essential things to note are:

  • How much time you have paddled.
  • Your record time or how long it takes to row 500 meters.
  • The distance you have done in meters.
  • Stroke per minute – depending on the type of rowing machine and your fitness level.
Different muscles involved in rowing
Different muscles involved in rowing

Rowing Machine Before And After

You will see a lot of pictures of weight loss results when using rowing machines on the Internet.

Many people use different ways so they can successfully lose weight and change looks like running, walking, biking, sailing, etc.  It helps keep people involved more and prevents them from getting bored.

While a rowing machine can cause significant weight loss, it is better to add other exercises to help you exercise regularly for a long time.

Rowing machines are the most beneficial exercise equipment because it provides you with a full-body workout.  Using a rowing machine will practice 84% of all body muscles and excellent cardio training while you also perform short, intense or prolonged, stable marathon.

As a result, it masters in burning calories, building firm muscles, and dissipating excess fat with low impact on joints, so it is suitable for older people or anyone who doesn’t like stress for joints.

Rowing Machine Before And After
Before And After

A rowing machine will change your body 100% better like toned muscles, lower body fat rate, increased energy levels, improved mood, better cardio, and more!

Although rowing for only 15 minutes a day can show improvement, but to achieve great results, you need considerable effort and some lifestyle changes.

You can apply these three key points to accomplish your fitness goals. They are exercising daily to see improvement quickly, building a healthy diet, and maintaining consistency of these good habits.

Final Word

The rowing machine is one of the devices that much support cardio exercises. When practicing with this equipment, the whole body must use force, thereby helping the body to balance, increase fitness, and lose weight effectively.

This type of exercise tool is also a perfect choice for low-impact workouts. You don’t worry much for your joints when using it. Remember to select the best rowing machine depending on some features like product type, comfort, and adjustment, maximum user weight, monitor, price, and warranty.

After that, you should check out the reviews from our top-rated list of products before you go shopping for a great rower and start your fitness plan.

Feel free to like, share, and give your ideas here with us if needed. Nogii will reply to you as soon as possible.

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