Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbell Set 75 lbs

Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Review: Perfect Home Gym

If you want to get in shape right at your home gym, make sure to purchase a set of adjustable dumbbells from reputable manufacturers.

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Below is our Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells review, which covers everything you need to know about this weight lifting equipment. We hope that it will show you why they are among the best sets in the fitness equipment industry!

What Do Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Have To Offer?

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbell Set 75 lbs
Quick-Lock Dumbbell Set 75 lbs

The Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells are durable, sturdy, space-efficient, and cost-effective. That way, this quick-lock dumbbell set has won the heart of millions of at-home fitness enthusiasts all around the world.

Super Space-saving

Appearance-wise, the Ironmaster Quick-Lock dumbbells might disappoint some fashion-conscious people, but there is more to this than meets the eye.

While some might find the square-shaped design boring, it makes the adjustable set easy to store.

What’s impressive, though, is that they only occupy less than 2 square feet, which is narrower than the space that other dumbbells at the same weight range often take up.


This Seattle-based manufacturer paid much attention to every single detail to make this model a first-class product.

Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell

Weighted Plates

They use cast iron to make these thin plates, which are adjustable with the increments of 2.5 lbs. They designed the little bit narrow top shelf with useful lips on both sides.


Each handle weighs 5 lbs. Also, they designed the patented locking-screw mechanism to help you change weight easier and faster.

On each side are the locking screws weighing 2.5 pounds each, which add to the overall weight of these dumbbells, so beginners might find it an issue.

Ironmaster uses heavy-duty commercial-quality steel to make the locking screws and handles, taking the durability to the next level.

Dumbbell Stand

Your purchase will come with a dumbbell stand looking like a metal cabinet. The steel and iron materials make them the roughest dumbbells out there.

IN SHORT: You can tone your abs with this set of the Ironmaster quick-lock adjustable dumbbells for many years to come.

Locking Screws

Ironmaster designed the locking screws for an easy and quick adjustment. They are strong enough to withstand the full 75-lb load.


Like other weight lifting equipment by Ironmaster, these quick-lock dumbbells allow for versatile workout sessions with different weight levels.

The Ironmaster’s signature patented Quick-Lock system makes it easy to switch from 5-pound to 75-pound weights. Though this adjustment system is not new to the weight lifting equipment industry, Ironmaster offers the most secure one.

Weight Range

Lifters can use 10-lb, 5-lb, and 2.5-lb plates to adjust the weights as small or big as they want.

But what customers love most about these dumbbells is the optimal control over their weight settings. Due to the manual weight adjustment system, you can add weight plates as precisely as you want.

Some other models only allow users to adjust with 2.5-pound increments up to the first 25 pounds, and 5 pounds in the 25-to-50-pound range.

The dumbbells by Ironmaster can do much more than that. They allow for 2.5-pound increments at any points in their weight range, providing the most customized options for proper weight settings.

The standard products have various weight options for weightlifters of all levels to work with. But what if you want something heavier than that?

That’s when the add-on kits come in handy, helping expand the capacity of your dumbbells to 120, or even 160 pounds, so experienced lifters can fully take advantage of these kits.

How to change the weights? First, put the heaviest blocks on, then you can add the smaller increments with ease.


Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Come With An Unrivaled Quality
Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Come With An Unrivaled Quality

The Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells’ old-school design might be disappointing, but their quality can satisfy even the pickiest professional lifters.

Ironmaster precisely cut every single iron weight plate to not only give them a perfect look but also help them perform well. When you add these plates to the dumbbell end, these grooves on them will effortlessly fit together, which means that there is no risk of shaking or rattling when you secure the locking screws into place.

Suitable For Lifters Of All Levels

Lifters, regardless of their skill level, find this 75-pound dumbbell set a perfect choice. Ironmaster specifically designed this heavy duty set for the professional weightlifters, but beginners who want to challenge themselves can also go for it.


If you are on a tight budget, then these adjustable dumbbells, which have a higher price, are not your best bet. But you will get what you pay for.

Because Ironmaster used the heavy-duty materials to make their products, these dumbbells are scratch- and damage-resistant. As a result, you can drop them on solid floors without worrying about breakage.

Not to mention that a small set of Ironmaster weight plates can replace a whole rack full of 32 dumbbells.

A Lifetime Warranty

Quick-Lock Dumbbell 165-lb Kit Upgrade
Quick-Lock Dumbbell 165-lb Kit Upgrade

The Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells come with the ultimate seal of approval, so whenever you have troubles with your adjustable dumbbells, don’t hesitate to ask for  help from their fantastic customer service team.

Product Specs

  • Weight Range: 5 to 75 pounds (2.27 to 34kg) for each dumbbell. Can expand to 120 or sometimes 165 pounds.
  • 32 Weight Settings: 75, 72.5, 70, 67.5, 65, 62.5, 60, 57.5, 55, 52.5, 50, 47.5, 45, 42.5, 40, 37.5, 35, 32.5, 30, 27.5, 25, 22.5, 20, 17.5, 15, 12.5, 10, 7.5, and 5 pounds.
  • 14.5″ x 19″ x 26″ (W x D x T) weight stand.
  • Maximum Number of Exercises Available: Up to 64
  • Dimensions (each dumbbell): 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 14.5″ (16.5 x 16.5 x 36.8cm)

Your purchase will come with a set of two 75-lb dumbbells, four 2.5-pound weight plates, 24 5-pound weight plates, two handles, four locking screws, a stand, and a workout poster.

Pros and Cons


  • Durability: Super heavy-duty build without any plastic or fragile parts.
  • Sturdy yet weightlifter-friendly design: The stand is easy to assemble. These welded steel, chrome plated handles promise comfortable and safe grip.
  • Reliability: One of the highest-rated exercise & fitness dumbbells on the market with up to 90% positive user rating.
  • Convenience: Ironmaster’s signature patented Quick-Lock system with 32 weight settings. Also, you can switch between exercises within only a few seconds.
  • Space-efficiency and cost-effectiveness: The innovative design saves you much storage space compared to buying 32 individual weights.
  • Versatility: Weightlifters can adjust in exact 2 1/2-pound increments at any point in their weight range. 75-lb Upper Weight Limit per adjustable dumbbell is perfect for home lifters of all levels.
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee: A solid lifetime warranty on weight plates and parts by Ironmaster.


  • A prohibitive price
  • Boring traditional design
  • Expected to buy an extra kit to use ranges above 75 lbs
  • When you use the high weight range (more than 80 pounds), these dumbbells become somewhat long
  • The adjustment system is easy to use. However, it might take you several hours to get used to it to change the weight settings

So, Are Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Worth Buying?

The Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells are among the best models on the market for a good reason – though they are a modern product, they don’t perform like old rusty dumbbells.

The solid build, lifetime warranty, and wide weight range make it hard to beat. With this set at your home gym, you will not only get 100% satisfaction but also develop your weightlifting routine correctly.

Now, having gone through our Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells review, what do you think about them? Let us know more in the comment box below!

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