Keiser Spin Bike Review

Keiser Spin Bike Review: A Revolution In Fitness

You might have heard about many names on the search for spin bikes, and each of them targets to a specific segment- commonly the young.

Here today, Nogii brought in a product that aims at a more significant segment, both the young and the young-at-heart – Keiser spin bike review. And to tell you why I chose this bike; Nogii want to discuss from its establishment to advances in products. finally, you’ll decide if it’s made for you.

Keiser Spin Bike Review

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Stationary Trainer Exercise Bike Review

At the first section, Nogii prefer to discuss on the background before Nogii analyse advantages and disadvantages of the product. Getting an overview of Keiser’s development will help you to understand its products better.

The creator

Keiser is a 45-years-old brand which was named after the founder, Dennis Keiser. During its operation, Randy- the brother joined in the business.

At first, Dennis worked as a designer in modeling resistance machines. His job usually ended up building commercial equipments more than highly effective work-out supporters. However, his mind changed after witnessing many people stuck with their weight during his work. And when he knew these traditional machines could not help as much as expected, he came up with revolutions.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle New

Revolution in spin bike production

1978 marked the birth of the very first air-powered resistance spin bike by Dennis. And, that event promised a future of newly styled gymnastics because pneumatic spin bikes have changed the image of conventional indoor bicycles positively.

But it’s not everything great about Keiser brand.

The mission of Keiser

The reason why I fall for Keiser over and over is its mission: bringing health for not only the young but also the young-at-heart people.

Yes, you heard it right. Keiser is not only aiming at those who want six packs or modeling bodies but those who are struggling with aging and health problems. Provided people want to ride, Keiser supplies high-quality and secure indoor bikes.

To prove what I just said, in case some people might question, I want to mention 80 peer reviews and studies about strength and aging that this brand has made so far, as a scientific base for its products.


Keiser gave the name for the first world pneumatic bikes. These Keiser spin bikes are keeping the world-class engines which are established in the most gymnastics, national and international training courses.

So, what is the crucial point in the pneumatic engine?

Compressed air spin bikes by Keiser are more useful in resistance training than traditional machines. Keiser’s manufacturers applied pneumatic technology that works smoothly but in a stable way. This technology assists users with shock absorption. The muscles remain engaged with the motion to keep them to be trained in the whole time of biking.

Pneumatic-based operation keeps trainees in sustainable velocity, safety, and connective motion. You might have heard of many cases which mention accidents during the training. The main reason for injuries is a weak connection between shock loading and human activities.

In short, Keiser spin bikes promise better resistance workout under the condition of physical safety.

What do Nogii benefit Keiser?

This section will answer all questions that pop out from your head when you stand in front of Keiser spin bikes. What does this thing bring me?

Effective exercises at home

Indoor bikes by Keiser will make you change the prevailing ideology on spin bikes. More than a piece of resistance equipment, this bike was born as a scientific solution to work-out activities. It mean, Keiser bike makes internal training easier but safer and more effective.

Some figures might tell you how powerful it is.

A regular spin bike in M series provides up to 300,000 M3 field-proven group bikes daily. The bike is designed in V-shaped frame with an adjustable seat in the view to fitting many biking exercises and human height.

Plus, Keiser bikes are mainly made of aluminum or stainless steel. As a result, they weigh quite light, about under 100 lbs on average, much less than other models.

The weight promises us about easy transfering when we want to move the bike around. It’s now such an easy job which even women can handle nicely.

No perimeter weighting in the flywheel, also, is another promise for better training.

An investment for the long-term use

If you want a durable spin bike, we could recommend nothing besides this Keiser. Why?  Because you might share your house with this indoor for a long time.

First of all, the material makes the product long-lasting. I agree that all brands are quite selective about their materials, so that the final machines look sturdy and robust. Keiser follows the same rule.

Besides,with the application of pneumatics, the machine can work even longer because motion causes the least worn-out when people are not using. That’s the point many brands lose customers to Keiser. Whoever wants the bike degrades even they do not ride a second?

There’s last-but-not-least reason.

Who is going to ride an indoor bike when their bodies go down?

Good news is that Keiser spin bikes are made for all ages. Are you going through strict training time for a fit and muscular body? Keiser bikes are helping. You are aging with some chronic pains and weak feet that cannot handle firm pedals? Keiser bikes are seemingly helpful. Do you just need small biking exercises with minimum chances of injuries? It’s Keiser bikes’ job.

Modern technologies

Speaking of technologies, I must admit that Keiser indoor bicycles have made a big turn on resistance equipment industry.

These indoor bikes include a cool engine, a great operating system that all people love.

Let’s take a closer look at details:

If you have ever tried a Keiser in the mall, you must have been astonished at its silent operation. The machine doesn’t make annoying noise. The silent operation is a feature that attract many customers because not many brands can guarantee it.

Eddy currents system in Keiser’s technology contributes to slowing down wearing out process. Two magnets set opposite produce the current. And the more flywheel touches the magnetic field, the more traction it creates then, the more resistance we could make. And vice versa, we do not ride, no erosion is caused.

With this fantastic technological application, Keiser bikes bring a new experience on indoor cycling. Having this in the house means exactly an up-gradation of home training.

What should Keiser spin bike improve?

Keiser spin bikes have got quite low seat and high handle

Until now, Keiser is still working on another better version of M series bike because it’s not yet a product that fits everyone.

In this section, Nogii would like to make clear about the only one features and push this bike away from a group of consumers.

What could it be?

The bike design is made for those at average height. That means petite girls or too tall man cannot use it in comfort. I am fine with the bikes and many people are, I believe. However, this bike soon makes tall people face problems on neck pains, so be carefull.

But we can adjust it, can’t we?

From my own experience, even though the seat is adjustable in four ways, Nogii can barely reach the extreme height. The handle moves diagonally to  increase or decrease the height, not horizontally up and down.

Wrapping ups,

Among all spin bikes that I have been through in gymnastics, training rooms or passing by in the mall, Keiser’s made the combination what many people need.

It’s suitable for all ages, easy to use and modern. A Keiser spin bike will promisingly change the way you look at indoor work-out as an equipment made for wellness, joy, resistance and finally, safety.

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