nordictrack elite 10. 9 elliptical Review

Nogii’s Review Of Nordictrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical

Everyone wants to stay in shape but forcing yourself to go to the gym, to run or cycle every day is not easy at all. That’s why home fitness machines, especially elliptical trainers, have become so popular. They are the perfect source of cardiovascular exercises which allow you to lose weight and firm muscles in the comfort of your own home.

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Due to a lot of conveniences, you may want to buy a home fitness machine, but the question here is: Which one is the best? Which is worth buying? Is it right for you?

Now, there are tons of options on the market so you may find it challenging to pick up the best one, right? Well, we understand, and that’s why we wrote this article. If you do not want to spend all day browsing through thousands of products on online shopping sites, keep reading.

Nogii has investigated, consulted many users’ reviews, and even tried some models before writing this post. And finally, we have chosen the best home fitness trainer and decided to recommend it to you – Nordictrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical.

nordictrack elite 10. 9 elliptical Review


Are you too busy to go to the gym every day? Do not worry, get ready to perform professional workouts in the comfort of your own home with Nordictrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical.

For those who do not know, it is a great home fitness machine that offers a lot of different workouts designed by pro coaches to give you maximum efficiency. This product is also iFit compatible (requires an iFit membership) to provide you with new workouts and training routes with Google Maps, and more.

Nordictrack Elite 10.9

It uses a front-drive system with a 20lb flywheel combined with suitable resistance to provide you with quiet and smooth performance. The stride is adjustable (up to 20”) which guarantees you optimal comfort while training.

It also has a power ramp that you can adjust the incline from 0 to 20 degrees, allowing you to work with more muscle groups depending on your specific training goals.

Coming with Nordictrack is also the 7″ smart HD touch-screen console which can connect to the WIFI to browse the web, watch videos, use apps when you exercise.

Is that all? Wait, there is more!

As one of the best home fitness machines on the market, Nordictrack also offers a lot of great additional features, including a tablet holder at the top of the console, a water bottle holder, a fan to keep you cool, a pulse grip heart rate monitoring strap, and front wheels for easy transport.

Above all, it is suitable for everyone who wants to exercise regularly at home instead of spending time and money going to the gym. After informing about the basic features of this wonderful machine, let’s move on to the next section for reviews and details.

Technical Specs

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 offers solid construction and excellent features
NordicTrack Elite 10.9 offers solid construction and excellent features

Due to its robust construction and great features, NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical has always been on the list of the best fitness equipment for many years. Let’s take a look at the features and technical specifications of this product to help you decide if it is a suitable elliptical trainer for you.

Drive systemFront-drive
Item weight211 pounds
Stride lengthMax 20’’
User weight capacity350 pounds
Power adjustable incline ramp0-20 degrees
Console7’’ HD smart touch-screen
Preloaded workouts32
WarrantyFrame: lifetime

Parts: 3 years

Labor: 1 year

What Makes Nordictrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Worth Purchasing?

Let’s face it! Choosing a suitable elliptical device is a pain in the neck. So, among dozens of options on the market, why did we select NordicTrack? Oh, the answer is quite simple: Quality and Legacy.

These two criteria make NordicTrack one of the most popular brands in the world. Whether you want a powerful fitness machine, a premium or budget model, NordicTrack has it all for you.

As you know, our star today is NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical. So, why do we recommend you to buy this product? Let’s talk about its outstanding features and benefits.

Drive system

Drive system
Drive system

Compared to lower-end models, this machine is a bit sturdier with a weight of over 200 pounds and a limit of 350 pounds of user weight. Of course, it is not durable and high-end like what you can get from premium products, but at an extremely affordable price, Elite 10.9 Elliptical is undoubtedly worth buying.

The model features a 20-inch stride system. The kind of stride is power adjustment; so the more energy you put on the pedal, the faster they adapt to your running or walking pattern.

An amazing resistance system with 24 levels allows you to choose the type of zero-impact workout you want and adjust your resistance easily with a touch.

The motion is quite comfortable and smooth. You can also choose to use the model manually, increase the incline, and resistance yourself, or select one of the preloaded workout programs. That’s also one of the reasons why we love Nordictrack – it allows you to try different things to see which one is the most suitable for you and which one you like best.

iFit Coach capacity

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 offers up to 32 workout programs with different intensity and goals. Professional trainers have designed them to deliver the best results for users.

Notably, this machine is compatible with iFit Coach, which means that if you have iFit membership, you can design your training programs. The control is in your hands so you can decide what body shape you want to be.

To use this feature, you need to register for it (monthly or yearly) and then it will give you access to personal trainers around the world for both on-demand in gym centers or outdoor workouts through Google Maps.

iFit Coach also keeps track of all your assignments, giving you recommendations on nutrition, sleep, and exercise. You can even share your training results with family and friends if you want.

iFit Coach is an optional feature, but it will motivate you to work more often and harder. For us, it deserves the annual fee.

Smart console

Smart 7’’ LCD console
Smart 7’’ LCD console

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical comes with a 7″ LCD console that offers a full range of advanced features displaying information about calories, speed, heart rate, resistance, time, distance, and more.

You can also watch workout videos, browse the web, or check out fitness apps quickly. Only with a tap, everything is available to you, bringing a much more enjoyable experience.

Also, the console features EKG pulse grips, water bottle holder, tablet holder, and music port with speakers to ensure that you get maximum comfort while working on this device.

All in all,  NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical is an excellent machine for home fitness training. If you still wonder whether to buy it or not, do not hesitate, we believe with many outstanding advantages above, it will not disappoint you.


After buying this model, the first thing you have to do is assemble it. Elite 10.9 Elliptical is quite easy to put together so you can do it yourself. In case you are not good at assembling the device, you can opt for installation when you order, but you have to pay extra for that.

What Makes NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Less Appealing?

It is quite large and not very quiet
It is quite large and not very quiet

No matter how perfect a product is, besides pros, there are still several cons. Here are some minor disadvantages of NordicTrack Elite 10.9 that you need to know and consider carefully before purchasing:


One of the most significant drawbacks of this product is that it is not very quiet. The noise coming out of elliptical makes it a bit irritating. However, this does not affect your training too much.

A quick and effective solution to solve this problem is to listen to music while working with this model. As we mentioned above, NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical features a music port with speakers, so listening to music has never been so simple. Music can both help you relax and reduce the noise emitted from this device.


NordicTrack is a heavy machine (over 200 pounds), making it challenging to move around. Moreover, this model is quite large, so make sure your room is big enough to store it.

Non-adjustable pedals

Unlike most other models, its pedals are not adjustable. This sometimes makes your ankles and knees move unnaturally, causing stress on these areas.

Wrap it up

After weighing the various pros and cons, NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical is undoubtedly a powerful trainer with some innovative features. It offers you club-quality workouts at extremely affordable prices.

So, what do you think about this product? Which is your favorite home fitness model? Please let us know in the comment section below. We are pleased to receive feedback from you. Thanks!

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