Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Review

Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Review

NordicTrack has been a “powerhouse” in the treadmill industry for a while now. And what made them rise so fast in such a short period of time is that they shift their focus to the commercial-grade best treadmill for home use specifically.

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Even though people would love to get fit as quick as possible, the idea of going to the gym scares the hell out of some. To be totally honest, it can seem like an irrational fear, but it’s totally rational.

Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Review

Every single body has insecurities about their bodies, and the act of actually going to the gym is to admit all those flaws and expose yourself to the world. Because of all those invisible fears, a massive number of people opt for working out at the comfort of their own homes.

That’s where NordicTrack struck the gold mine. Most people, when facing with the first purchase for working out at home, will choose a treadmill — the most basic equipment for those wanting a quick train.

Outstanding features of NodicTrack 1750 Treadmill

There have been outpouring praises for this NordicTrack Commercial 1750 ever since its release on the market. It’s compatible with iFit Coach, robust and comes at a very reasonable price! Besides, NordicTrack never stops reinventing themselves. For the new 2019 model, now you can control your workouts via Bluetooth as well.

The power it possesses coming from a 3.75 CHP motor that’s ideal for average runners, and some professional athletes even. Also, it offers a 10-inch touch screen for you to surf the internet anytime during your workouts; iFit Coach for a variety of workout programs; and power incline/decline for training your lower body.

And those features work really well with iFit Coach as you can switch your incline/decline to real terrain and match with the view of your own choice! Say goodbye to the boring workouts where you have to stare at the wall the whole time; now you can use that time to look at the beautiful Eiffel or the mysterious Pyramids or any places you have ever wanted to go! And no, it doesn’t cost you anything other than your calories!

If you’re interested in working out, you’re probably aware of the reputation of iFit Coach. And yes, it is that magical. It can build endless programs for you to choose and uniquely, it will customize the program according to your body type, preference, and fitness goal. Therefore, again, say goodbye to pointless running days after days and nothing’s ever really changed.

Product Technical Information

  • Width: 38”
  • Length: 72.25”
  • Height: 61”
  • Speed: 0-12 mph
  • Incline: -3 – 15%
  • Max Weight: 300 lbs
  • Heart Rate: CardioGrip Heart Rate, Monitor with Polar Wireless
NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Includes a 1-Year iFit Membership

What Nogii Like?

Safety Precaution

NordicTrack equips their treadmills with heavy machine systems to protect it against itself in case of overheating.

When a major device like this one going wrong in your home, you might freak out and have no idea about how to deal with these kinds of situations. So, big thanks to NordicTrack for being considerate.

Suitable for all kinds of activities

Walking, jogging, and running; every activity you can think of doing on a treadmill is much more comfortable with this model as you can control or change it instantly by touching a button.

Imagine you are running at high speed (max up to 12 mph) and feeling a little dizzy, isn’t it a pain in the neck to switch back to slower mode if you have to go through a complicated procedure? And the STOP red big button is just like giving up.

The Decline/ Incline Feature

NordicTrack Treadmill also accounted for the incline/decline so that you can, again, quickly adjust to the height you want, particularly for those who are trying to focus on a specific muscle group on their body or just want to burn more calories than the usual shake-up.

Stable construction

There are uncountable manufacturers who tried and failed in this certain feature. Of course, injuries occurred while working out is not out of the ordinary, however, if the treadmill itself is too sturdy or too flimsy, it’s your knee and ankle are the ones that have to suffer.

In this model, NordicTrack has installed the FlexSelect Cushioning system, providing a base ground for your running as solid as the road, but not too tough to hurt you every time you step on it.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Another feature which should be on every treadmill is monitoring heart rate. They pack the feature in both of the handlebars for you to grab anytime you feel like it or want to know your heart rate; or if that is not to your liking, you can always strap the iFit Bluetooth Chest Strap on your chest, and it will monitor your heart rate the whole time you are on the device.


Once you’re on the treadmill, you can either listen to music or watch the news/show/etc., so it is critical that the machine is compatible with your smart devices.

With this model,  you have the luxury to blast your music as loud as your neighbor allows with the dual 3” digitally amplified speakers. No more headphones, guys! And it carries a special tablet holder so that you can enjoy any media contents you want at the comfort of your workout.

Easy Maintenance

Besides, if you think this device will clog up a lot of dirt and be very difficult to clean, then you are underestimating the power of advanced technology nowadays. There’s a little thing called Innovative EasyLift Assist telescoping shock that will make your maintenance a piece of cake.

AutoBreeze Fans

Last but not least, sweating and heat are two sure things you will have during your training, therefore, to accommodate you, they also put in the Dual AutoBreeze fans which can match the speed of the fans to your running/jogging/walking/etc.

Warranty & Guarantee

Not every brand can put its confidence in its product to the point of giving a lifetime warranty. NordicTrack has that when introducing this treadmill to the market. The frame and the motor are all given lifetime warranties, so you never have to worry about any malfunction on the machinery part, ever!

Other parts, such as electronics and labor, receive 2-5 years warranties, which are all more than most. On top of all that, you always have the 30-day money-back guarantee.

What We Don’t Like?

In real life, we have to admit that this NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is a big-ass machine, thus it comes with quite a complicated assembly process and for some people, who opt to do that themselves, would have to agree. You would need the help of at least 2-3 people to move and put every single piece together. Therefore, when the salesman offers professional help, it might be worth all the heartache and headache!

Final Words Nogii Would Like To Say

After all the research for the best treadmill, you can already be deep down the rabbit hole. Stop digging! The search will never end if you want perfection. But, if you’re willing to accept the reality, you can see the sea of near-perfection is just as good, and it comes at an extremely reasonable price! So please, stop torturing yourself!

Thanks to several impressive vital features, it’s not a surprise when this treadmill can still climb to the top of many reviews and lists and maintain its reputation. If it’s for the purpose of home using, your destination is here! Park it!

Nogii hopes you’d find our review to be informative and help you get a closer look at the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 before purchase. If you want to add anything, please leave a comment below! Happy running!

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