Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical Review

Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical Review

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, spending time in fitness centers is such a privilege that a large number of people don’t have. That’s when home gym comes in the race for better body shape and a healthier lifestyle.

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However, there are so many types of exercise equipment that you may get confused, not knowing what to choose.

If you are looking for a compact machine for full-body workout right in the corner of your house, Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical will make an excellent option.

Let our detailed review of this wholesome piece of equipment explain the reason.

Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical Review

A Quick Look At Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical

Founded nearly 30 years ago in Utah, U.S, ProForm is now a leading corporation of in-home workout equipment thanks to constant evolution.

During the past three decades of existence, the company has made more than 100 patents, which provide the most innovative technology for many series of products including Proform elliptical.

The star of the show, Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical, is among the latest model with the powerful center-drive motor, which is known for its sturdiness and stability worldwide. Plus, the placement of the mechanism at the center is also half the length of an ordinary elliptical, making Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical ideal for the home space.

With the connection to iFit® Ready™, your exercise will get more exciting than ever as you can feel like stepping in a real route. After you hit on the start button and download a path via Google Maps or create your own trail, Proform 16.0 MME will change the resistance and incline accordingly.

Such an easy way to enjoy a nature walk.

The exercise device has several sensors on the pedals as well as the grips to show you statistics about speed, mileage, heart rate, calorie burn, and time.

All figure will be displayed on a 5’’ backlit screen, right in the front of you as you are walking with Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical.

The handgrips of the machine are not only equipped with electrocardiography pulse but also covered with soft cushions for upper-body workout arms.

Therefore, exercising with Proform products, you are engaging your entire body.

Another big bonus of Proform products is the ingenious pedals. They are a bit bigger than the normal size so that you can be more stable standing on the machine. Also, the pedal size is changeable so you can try different foot positions.

The flywheel is very effective owing to the inertia enhancement to support the pedal stroke with smooth and steady movement. Plus, you can gain a more natural experience in striding because the gear ratio is excellent while the weight placement is adequate.

So, above are some major features of the Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical. From now on, let’s dive in details of this strong yet versatile trainer.

Important Information Of Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical

Technical Figures

Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical is an outstanding machine for personal training thanks to the solid construction together with advanced features. The following table will give you the key specifications of the products.

Weight288 pounds
Max weight capacity350 pounds
Stride range18” – 22”
Construction MaterialCommercial-Gauge Solid Steel
Resistance24 Levels
Programs32 Workout Apps
PedalsOversized, Adjustable, Cushioned
Bottle HolderYes

Computerized Characteristics

  • iFit® Ready™ allows you to pick up a specific route  available on Google Maps or modify your trail with automatic adjustment
  • Large display with light shining on from the behind gives out a clearer image of your exercise statistics
  • Professional training programs with more than 30 workout patterns to meet all levels and health conditions.
  • Resistance modes can be changed digitally and there are up to 24 levels for both entry-level and intensive training
  • The patented SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance helps to limit the sound in operation, keeping every adjustment smooth, silent, and frictionless.
  • EKG Dual-Grip Pulse keeps your heart rate monitored
  • Built-in CoolAire™ Workout Fan featuring two-speed settings and a fast console control provide fresh air during your exercise.
  • The dual set of speakers combined with the Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0 sound system enables high-quality music to add some fun to your practice.


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: 3 years
  • Labor: 1 year

Moreover, be aware that the lifetime frame warranty only applies for purchase from the original manufacturer. If you buy the machine via any third party, you won’t be able to claim for frame defects.

ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical with iFit Technology

Transportation and Assembly

  • Free shipping: You won’t have to pay for shipping when buying from the company website
  • Assembly: A few simple setup steps take only several minutes and your elliptical is ready to use right after unboxing.

Why To Give Proform 16.0 MME A “Yes”?

Why To Give Proform 16.0 MME A “Yes”?

A Compact And Quiet Machine For Home Fitness

Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical is much smaller than other machines of the same types because the centered drive motor reduces the device’s profile to a great extent. You can easily place it in your bedroom or living room as the minimal design matches many decoration styles

The company also invents a silent resistance system so that you can interchange between different workout modes without causing noise. Therefore, even if you live in an apartment, you can still have a home fitness device.

A Fitness Product For The Whole Family

The Proform workout device possesses a heavy strength adjustable stride that you can reposition from 18 inches to 22 inches. The various selection of stride provides ultimate customization for each individual user.

It’s also convenient for your family usage as both parents and children can fit in the elliptical. With Proform 16.0 MME, all your loved ones can find a stride length that works for them.

An Endurable Elliptical For Long-Term Use

What Nogii appreciates most about Proform is its high-quality material. The entire body of the machine is made from commercial-grade steel, solidly built. It can bear a magnificent capacity of up to 350 pounds, which hardly any elliptical could.

Unlike the conventional design with the drive mechanism in the front or in the rear, the main motor of this equipment is at the center, so it is more balanced when you step on.

A Supporter For The Whole Body Exercise

Many people think about ellipticals as an exercise device for the lower parts of our body, such as legs and thighs.

However, Proform 16.0 MME can make your arms and chest work too.

Both handgrips of the machine are cushioned and installed with heart-rate monitors. As a result, you can achieve low-impact and total-body exercise on each of your steps.

What May Prevent You From Buying Proform 16.0 MME?

Surcharge for iFit®

iFit® Ready™ is a helpful add-on so that you can have a lot of fun and enjoyment during your home workout, preventing you from getting bored looking at four blank walls

The thing is, this fantastic feature is only available when you own an iFit® wireless module. It means that you have to pay an extra fee to be able to use the iFit® Ready™.

Though you are required to purchase an additional device, you can’t get access to iFit® Coach Plus™, the most wonderful utility of iFit package, which tracks your exercise, sleep,  nutrition, or exercise.

Furthermore, there is a subscription fee for an iFit® account, so it is quite expensive.

Limited Audio Access

Another disadvantage of Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical is that the audio input is compatible with iPod only.

Back to five years ago or more, this is absolutely not a problem since the iPod was extremely popular at that time. However, Nogii is keeping all of our favorite songs on mobile phones or laptops nowadays because of the convenience and large storage.

Therefore, a Bluetooth connection in the workout machine will be of greater help.

High Price

Ellipticals, in general, are not a piece of exercise equipment for everyone because their average price can cost you an arm and a leg. For the Proform machine, you will have to pay nearly $800, let alone the surcharge if you want to use iFit® Ready™.

Proform 16.0 MME Is For You If

  • You don’t have time for fitness centers
  • You want a full workout for your body
  • Your house is not so spacious
  • You put price below endurance and efficiency

Then, it would be a big mistake not to have a look at Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical.

Still, if this product is out of your budget, wait for our upcoming elliptical reviews to have some cost-effective selections.

Some Final Word

In the huge world of workout equipment, as a customer, you may face a great challenge to pick up the right product for home usage. That’s why you should skim through some comprehensive reviews like this.

If you have been considering Proform 16.0 MME Elliptical, hopefully, our evaluation can be useful for your decision-making.

If there is no equipment in your mind yet, go ahead and give this device a try.

Share your thoughts on the comment section below and stay tuned for more workout product review from us.

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