Stamina rowing machine review

Stamina Rowing Machine Review: Rowing Is An Excellent Cardio

Besides going to the gym room for doing exercises, you can also open a mini gym at home with necessary gym equipment which will make you feel comfortable doing excise.

Depending on your practice purpose, you can choose your gym machine for your gym home. If you are finding an incredible gym machine to help you reduce cardio, the rowing machine is an excellent choice for you.

But, rowing machine in the gym will be a top commercial model so that they will have a high price.

Therefore, if you do not have much money but still want to own a great rowing machine, CLICK the post right to know more about one of the best rowing machines in its class on the market- Stamina rowing machine review.

What is the rowing machine?

Rowing machines are one of the best devices that support cardio to take advantage of all parts of the body. It can be said that the rowing machine is the best way to warm up the body before practicing because it makes almost all major muscle groups work while it also strengthens cardiovascular activity.

Besides, you can also push your body to the limits of exercise because rowing has little impact on joints. And you can also adjust the speed and traction to suit you about 200 to 300 calories within 30 minutes of proper exercise. It is an impressive number!

Furthermore, the machines can provide an excellent way to increase fitness by burning calories and building muscle in a safe and low-impact way. It is the reason why the rowing machine is always the first choice of gamers when going to the gym.

How to use the rowing machine in the right way?

The rowing machine is one of the famous and essential gym machines, but you are a beginning rower, you should row following the tips below to avoid injuries at your gym home.

  • You should focus on the distance and the number of pulls per minute. One way to evaluate is to measure how much time you can paddle in 2000m. Ideally, it should be around 9 to 10 minutes.
  • Start moving paddle by using your feet to push the person forward. Focus on using your heels to build up your strength. And when your knees are almost straightened, start using your hand to make your paddle close to your belly, not your chest.
  • For the first time, you should visit YouTube for watching some videos on form and technique then check out some videos on actual workouts. You have to get a standard posture that can avoid back injuries. And similar with all other exercises, practice is to get the most out of that form. You should remember that form is the essential things when rowing.
  • Not stoop when rowing. Let your hands and feet work, not your back. Otherwise, injuries can come to you at any time.

Stamina rowing machine review

When talking about rowing machine, Stamina rowing machine is known as one of the best in its class because of a lot of things.

Stamina rowing machine review

A brief introduction of Stamina

The Stamina rowing machine is both a reasonable price and high-quality rowing machine. Therefore, the rower is great for all users at any level. Also, the device is easy to set up. Usually, customers just took them 30 minutes or more for setting up the rower.

And, it is suitable with all age and height with plenty of space for leg extension. It is conveniently set up for secure storage in a closet, so it is excellent for the home gym. Furthermore, rubber feet on both the front and back bar of the machine protect your flooring and prevent the item from moving while in use.

Types of Stamina rowing machine

There are a dozen rowers of Stamina are solving on the market. However, customers can buy between three major resistance types including Stamina air rowing, Stamina magnetic rowing and Stamina hydraulic rowing have reasonable price.

You can choose the best one for your own depending on your budget.

  • For Stamina magnetic rowers, there are the Conversion II bike-rowers and the Avari Programmable Magnetic with 12 preset workouts.
  • A Stamina air rower is known as the best choice of users in its class because of its design and price. You can check out Stamina X with a sleek red and black rower.
  • Hydraulic rower of Stamina collection includes some of the smallest and cheapest rowing machines on the market. It can be suitable for all users, especially adults.

Why should you buy a Stamina rowing machine

Why should you buy a Stamina rowing machine?

The residence

This brand offers three main types of rowing machines: air, magnetic, and hydraulic in which the air rowers are best for customized resistance.

There are a lot of customers said that opposition is excellent. There is no damper to control the air flow, but as with all air rowers, you can increase the resistance by rowing harder.

Stamina Rowing Machine

The magnetic rowing machines with preset resistance levels are hushed, and the hydraulic rowers are the smallest and cheapest.

Fit all age

The stamina rowing machine is designed to fit all age. It means that any users can use the device comfortably for the first time.

Easy to assemble

It took just under 30 minutes to assemble. There were no much difficulties in setup it due to the printed instructions that include detailed diagrams of what goes where.

Strong frames

Almost Stamina rowing machines’ structures are built from steel and have aluminum beams. So, most of the customers are highly satisfied with these frames. Also, removable pins on the frame are to allow for folding of the unit for storage.

Compact size

Stamina hydraulic rowers can support 250 pounds or more, yet can also be made thin for storage. The Stamina Orbital 1201 rower has a tiny footprint and weighs 35 pounds.

Reasonable price

It is known as the highlight point of the Stamina rowing machine. Stamina rowing machines are among the most affordable on the market.

What isn’t so great?

Short Warranties

Stamina rowing machines have some of the shortest warranties in its class. For example, the parts warranty on the BodyTrac Glider is just 90 days. Therefore, the longevity of Stamina products adjusts widely. So, before making a purchase, you should read individual product reviews carefully.

The fan can be a little loud

Some customers used Stamina air rowing machine complained that the fan of the device is noisy, so they feel uncomfortable when working it out. However, some people think that it is loud enough because they always have a stereo on in the room so this doesn’t bother them like it might for others.

Few Extras

Most Stamina rowing machines lack preset workout programming. They also require accurate heart rate receivers, which some riders consider an essential feature. There are some users said that the digital interface is necessary. So, I hope that the next model of Stamina will improve the issue.

Cheaper Parts

Sometimes, Stamina rowing machines used plastic instead of feature metal like other brands. For example, Stamina rower seats sometimes get hot with nylon coverings instead of metal coverings. The company also favors easily frayed cords over metal chains. It is the reason why the products of Stamina have a lower price than other products in the gym equipment class.


The stamina rowing machine offers fantastic types of a rowing machine with low prices. Although most of the Stamina products have short warranties, they still get enthusiastic and satisfied customer reviews.

Last but not least, the best rowing machine for your gym home is one that you enjoy using, want to keep coming back and doesn’t cost more than you can realistically afford.

Therefore, Nogii hope that after the post, you will understand more about the machine and have the right choice when looking for the most suitable rowing machine for your home gym.

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