Treadmill Vs Row Machine: Who Is The Winner

Treadmill Vs Rowing Machine: Efficient Solutions For Your Home Cardio

In our modern life, maintaining good health and keeping our bodies lean is becoming more and more important. Of course, you have thousands of ways to do your exercises and train your muscles.

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There is no doubt that the introduction of various types of exercise machines on the market can make you puzzled. Some people think that a treadmill does good for the body while others claim that row machines can have better effects on their well-being.

Treadmill Vs Row Machine: Who Is The Winner
Who Is The Winner?

So, which one is better?

That’s why we are here with you right now. If you don’t have enough time to do much research to answer this question, Nogii can do it for you.

Let us walk you through all the pros and cons of both the treadmill and row machine to see which one should be your No. 1 choice.

Outstanding effects

To begin with, Nogii need to point out all the benefits that treadmills and row machines can provide to their users. When we mention their positive and prominent sides, it can take a while to list all.

  • Strengthen your heart and lungs
  • Increase bone density
  • Reduce stress and brighten up your mood
  • Decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer
  • Increase confidence and energy level
  • Burn calories
  • Promote weight loss
  • Train your endurance

Nogii had better stop here because this list can go on for hours. The point is you now know how positive their impacts are on your body.

In general, treadmills can offer you an ability to practice your running speed and maintain your deep breath. These elements will play a significant role in protecting your heart health and enhancing your endurance.

If you want to take more challenges, you can increase the incline. The treadmill includes a great cardio workout for your muscles such as the hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quadriceps.

In the meantime, rowing machines mainly do wonders in supporting your strength level through adjustable resistance. To reach a higher degree, you can row as fast as possible.

Rowing machines are also an excellent l alternative to build your muscles because you can have a strength of your muscles while rowing. They require a perfect combination of every part on your body.

When you look at a big picture, both machines can offer high efficiency in keeping good physical strength.

Although treadmills tend to work out on the lower part of your body, they might create an effect on your full-body exercises which is helpful for your calories burning.

Meanwhile, rowing machines seem to do well in both upper and lower body, which is excellent for your weight loss training.

To understand better their main differences, keep reading the comparing table below.

Which Machine Is Better For Your Body?

TreadmillRow Machine
Types of ExerciseAerobicsAerobics and Anaerobics
ImpactGood low impactLow impact when walking

High Impact when running

Number of Burned Calories400-800 calories/hour600-900 calories/hour
CostA bit higher (for high-quality models)Affordable
MaintenanceRequire more effortEasy to take care
UsabilityRequire simple explanationRequire a bit practice
SpaceQuite bigSmaller

Type Of Exercise

Generally, there are two different types of exercises which are aerobic and anaerobic.

Aerobic is a type of exercise which helps you raise your heart rate and increase respiration based on motion repetition. For example, it can be fast walking, jogging, running or cycling.

In reverse, anaerobic exercise is typically more intensive and meant to tone and build your muscles mass. It includes extreme bursts of physical activity, which is suitable for those who prefer non-endurance sports such as weightlifting, lunges, and intervals.


If you are seeking a way to do aerobic exercises, you can’t miss workouts on treadmills. They can help you do the most popular aerobic exercise – running.

Rowing Machine

While treadmills mainly give you aerobic workouts, rowing machines can offer you more than that – both aerobic and anaerobic at one time.

Maybe you are wondering how you can do both the aerobic and anaerobic workout with your row machine.

No worries. We will tell you right here.

If you prefer aerobic exercises, you can combine up and down activities with the constant pulling of handles.

Otherwise, such a fan of anaerobic you are, you can use the machine on light resistance lasting for a more extended period. You can even increase your speed to encourage your body strength.

Our verdict

A treadmill can be an excellent option for your simple aerobic habits. But, if you are searching for a versatile solution, a row machine should be your choice. Consider your preference and pick the right product.


Whenever you do any workouts, it might have some certain effects on your physical body. You can take running as an instance for it. While you interact with the ground, your spine, legs, and feet may put up with a specific amount of impact.

And the treadmills and row machines make significant differences.


Every time the treadmill gets mentioned, you may think immediately about running and walking, which can put pressure on your knee and feet.

Although running can have more high-impact on your body and also results in some injuries, walking is beneficial for your health routine. But, avoid causing severe impact on your body repeatedly for a long time, it will harm your physics somehow later on.

Rowing Machine

With a row machine, you can breathe a sigh of relief because the movement is a low natural impact.

You can stay at any place and do some stress-free exercise applied to any parts of your body. It is not only beneficial to your muscle mass but also a great way to let your hair down.

Our verdict

Compared to a treadmill, a row machine is highly recommended due to its natural and harmless impact. You even can increase the intensity in your workout to burn more fat and build your body with ease.

Amount of Burned Calories
Amount of Burned Calories

Amount of Burned Calories

Want to burn more fat and lose weight? You can’t miss these factors. The fact is the way two machines affects your motion indicates the amount of burned calories.


Burning calories partly depends on how hard you are doing your workout. However, running and walking on a treadmill can help you burn around 400-800 calories per hours.

Rowing Machine

Thanks to the versatility in both aerobic and anaerobic, it works incredibly in losing weight and burning calories. A standard row machine can help you burn more or less 600-900 calories per hours on average.

Our verdict

Generally, treadmills and row machines work excellently in burning your calories and keeping your body fit. But, row machines are more efficient with a considerable amount of calories burned in every exercise hour.

Other aspects


In this metric, row machines seem to gain a plus point as you can effortlessly assemble every part. Also, none of them requires you a lot of time to care.

In the meantime, treadmills might require some attempts to move their parts and connect the electricity.

Price tags

Of course, you can find a treadmill or a row machine at a reasonable price range.

Wait! No hurry to waste a huge amount of money

But if you want to buy a cheap treadmill with high quality, it can be a tough task. Meanwhile, with a tight budget, you will likely get a row machine with an impressive model.

Our verdict

Are you interested in an affordable and easy-to-use machine? If yes, maybe a row machine is a better option for you. You can quickly end up with a cheap and durable product without any hassle.

Come to an end

Are you still reading until the end of the review? Bravo! We have gone through all the significant factors of treadmills and row machines.

To us, a row machine is an excellent choice for workout routines at a small budget. Also, it tends to save space and user-friendly for all family members. Therefore, we have picked it as our winner.

How about you? Have you made up your mind?

If you have any experience with treadmills and row machines, don’t hesitate to share with us below. And keep you posted on our next useful reviews.

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