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Treadmill Vs Rowing Machine: Efficient Solutions For Your Home Cardio

Treadmill Vs Row Machine: Who Is The Winner

In our modern life, maintaining good health and keeping our bodies lean is becoming more and more important. Of course, you have thousands of ways to do your exercises and train your muscles. There is no doubt that the introduction of various types of exercise machines on the market can make you puzzled. Some people […]

Review Of Top 5 Best Jump Ropes 2019

Review Of Top 5 Best Jump Ropes 2019 1

Jump rope is among the most efficient sports equipment for people who work out. However, choosing the best one might be challenging as there are tons of different skipping rope products available on websites. Let us do it for you! After undergoing research in 10 skipping rope models, we – Nogii team – has selected […]

Chin Up vs Pull Up: What Are The Differences?

Chin up Vs Pull up

Chin-up and pull-up are two of the most common upper body exercises. Professional strength trainers and coaches consider these techniques a method to develop muscles and increase strength in the back and biceps. Nogii acknowledges that there are similarities between chin-up and pull-up. However, fundamental differences are the crucial factors that can answer the question […]

The 9 Best Pull Up Bar Reviews 2019: Choose Like An Expert

Top 9 Best Pull Up Bar Reviews

Are you so busy that you can’t find time to go to the gymnastics? Don’t worry! There are many alternative ways to do exercise, not necessarily going to the fitness center. With the help of a specific bar for pull-ups, you can enjoy a variety of intense workouts for your upper body. In addition to […]

Stamina Rowing Machine Review: Rowing Is An Excellent Cardio

Stamina rowing machine review

Besides going to the gym room for doing exercises, you can also open a mini gym at home with necessary gym equipment which will make you feel comfortable doing excise. Depending on your practice purpose, you can choose your gym machine for your gym home. If you are finding an incredible gym machine to help […]

Top 8 Best Sunny Rowing Machine Review

Top 8 Best Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine Review

Do you have difficulty promoting yourself for fitness exercise? If the answer is yes, you will need rowing machines to make this process quite easy and painless. A rowing machine from Sunny Health & Fitness is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a comfortable exercise to do at home whenever they want. […]

10+ Best Exercise Balls With Resistance Bands For Fitness Reviews

What is the best exercise ball for pregnant women

Yoga, gym, and pilates are physical and mental practices that make your body firmer and revive your spirit. To take these exercises, you need supporting tools such as balls, wheel, wedge, and many others. Of these accessories, the exercise ball has a considerable effect on the practice. There are a variety of advantages you will […]

Best Exercise Mat Reviews 2019: Tested by Experts

The Best Exercise Mat Reviews 2019

People use exercise mats not only in yoga but also in other fitness activities such as martial arts, Pilates, and stretching. Those are on-ground-practice sports. Working out on the ground impact on your joints if you choose the wrong mat. Too thin gym mats are likely to make the exercise less fun and downright painful. […]

Keiser Spin Bike Review: A Revolution In Fitness

Keiser Spin Bike Review

You might have heard about many names on the search for spin bikes, and each of them targets to a specific segment- commonly the young. Here today, Nogii brought in a product that aims at a more significant segment, both the young and the young-at-heart – Keiser spin bike review. And to tell you why […]

12 Best Spin Bike Reviews: Ultimate Guide to Choose Like an Expert

Top 12 Best Spin Bike Reviews

Indoor spinning exercise has become more and more common in recent years, especially when the gyms are usually packed with too many people. Also, the spin bike gives you a chance to get fit right inside your comfortable house. But there are risks behind spinning bike exercises if you fail to choose the right model. […]