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Elliptical vs Treadmill: Which is Best Choice for Fitness?

Elliptical vs Treadmill

Cardio machines are an indispensable equipment in any gym. Indeed, when you come to any random gyms, you’ll find two types of cardio machines sharing the top position of most chosen trainers: elliptical vs treadmill. But the real question is which one is the king of weight loss? This has been a controversial debate of […]

Chin Up vs Pull Up: What Are The Differences?

Chin up Vs Pull up

Chin-up and pull-up are two of the most common upper body exercises. Professional strength trainers and coaches consider these techniques a method to develop muscles and increase strength in the back and biceps. Nogii acknowledges that there are similarities between chin-up and pull-up. However, fundamental differences are the crucial factors that can answer the question […]

Kettlebell vs Dumbbell: Which is More Effective For Strength Exercising?

Kettlebell vs Dumbbell

When it comes to weight lifting, the debate between kettlebells and dumbbells never ends. While dumbbells are a familiar piece of equipment in gyms, the kettlebell is considered the new kid on the block. Both tools have the unique features which Nogii will introduce in this article. Are you ready to get your feet into […]

Jump Rope Vs Running: Which Is Better?

Jump Rope Vs Running

Jump rope and running that have a considerable contribution to improving our health have become the favorite sports of many people. Each sport has different advantages, practice methods, and effectiveness. You should consider these factors to find out the sport suiting your demand. If you are wondering which one you should choose to practice, please […]

Barbell Vs Dumbbell: The Endless Battle Of Muscle Training

Barbell Vs Dumbbell causes a constant battle among gymers

Barbells and dumbbells, all are exercise equipment for resistance training. The point of this kind of workout is to increase endurance, enhance strength, and build up the muscle size. It is the favorite workout of numerous people. However, gymers are regularly getting confused about whether to choose barbells or dumbbells. So many opinions about the […]