Proform 505 Cst Treadmill Review

Proform 505 Cst Treadmill Review: Everyone Talking About It

Proform 505 CST is a fantastic treadmill in its price range with impressive quality and useful features. The treadmill is an excellent combination of solid construction, innovative functions, and compact and modern design, making it one of the top choices on the sports equipment market.

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You will utter in astonishment with the top-notch features of Proform treadmill, including a folding design, cushioned running surface, heart rate monitoring, iPod/Mp3 compatibility, and long-term warranty.

Don’t forget to mention one of the most favorable and outstanding features of this treadmill is an impressive number of workout exercises, which introduce up to 15 programmed options. Things get even better as the treadmill is made compatible with iFit, meaning you can choose among almost limitless online workout exercises.

Nogii have just only scratched the surface! Let’s dive deeper into the amazingness of this product.

Outstanding Features: Proform 505 Cst Treadmill Review

  • ProShox Lite 3 Cushioning provides utmost comfort and effective joint protection
  • Compact and folding design for storage
  • iFit technology compatibility to experience workout exercises programmed by Google Maps or customize your fitness program
  • Speed can reach up to 10 miles/ hour with 2.5 CHP Mach Z engine
  • Incline from 0-10% can easily be achieved with a push of buttons
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Music port to be compatible with iPod and MP3 player
  • Maximum weight is 300 lbs
  • Impressive workout data includes incline, calories, distance, time, and time
  • Life warranty varies and depends on different sections (for example, the frame is a lifetime warranty while the motor is up to 25 years)

These above are the most impressive and prominent features of any treadmills which stay in the mid-range price on the market today.

First and foremost, the customized incline feature integrated into Proform 505 CST treadmill is a cost-effective solution. Users can feel free to enjoy an uphill workout without worrying about being charged with automatic adjustments. Although this feature appears to be useful, it often interferes with the workout routine and in the long term is ignored when the incline reaches a certain level.

Don’t ever forget to mention the amazingness of iFit compatibility! This wonderful technology allows users to download unlimited choices of exercises from the Internet. Moreover, iFit also cooperates with Google Maps to create excitement as well as challenges for users with real-world locations.

What Makes Proform CST 505 Irresistible?

Proform CST 505


Proform is one of the most reputable brands manufacturing treadmills and does this mean Nogii have to pay a fortune for one?

Of course, NO! The treadmill comes with a “pleasant” mid-range price with all of those fantastic features. You can hardly expect anything better than a Proform treadmill at this price range. Also, the lifetime warranty is another big plus!

Folding design

You don’t want to trip over your treadmill one sleepy morning and fall hard, do you? Space Saver design enables you to fold and store the machine quickly, making it a perfect choice for limited and small space.

Variety of programs

Eighteen integrated programs are an impressive number, one or two for each exercising day! These workout exercises, developed by professional trainers, always provide something for everyone. The treadmill will also adjust the incline and speed to be compatible with these programs.

Audio abilities

Although this model lacks some entertainment choices, the two Intermix Acoustic speakers and smartphone compatible ability have made up for that easily.


The 2.5 Mach Z electromagnetic motor ensures a powerful, quiet, and effective operation. Be aware of low-quality treadmills which emit low-frequency sound waves, causing headaches and disorientation during exercising. Thus, the well-qualified and quiet engine is a must to make sure smooth workout process.


When it comes to warranty, there’s hardly any machine that can beat Proform products. While other treadmills’ warranty mostly varies from 1 to 2 years, Proform 505 CST offers a lifetime warranty for the frame, 25 years for the engine, and one year for the accessory.

This means Proform guarantees to provide nothing but the best service in the long-term and reduce the burden of high maintenance cost of the customer’s shoulders.

iFit compatibility

You will soon get bored with the same old exercises day after day, Nogii assure you! With iFit technology, you can download thousands of new programs down from the Internet, challenge yourself at real places around the world, keep every exercise alive and vibrant, as well as experience a wide range of muscular workout options.

What Less Attractive About it?

Running area

Due to its compact size, the running area remains small and narrow with 20” wide and 55” long, which poses as quite a problem to taller users.

Control of speed

Despite all the outstanding features, the speed control which only reaches ten mph/ hour is not ideal for some people. This means you will face some difficulties with sprint turns or combined training.


Apart from the popular iFit technology, this treadmill model isn’t well-known for its interesting entertainment options or classy display screen. You can rest assured to receive the most basic functions out from the treadmill and not get your hopes up too high with entertainment factors.

Heart rate monitoring

The model 505 CST comes with heart rate sensor and heart-related programs, but wireless monitoring receiver is impossible

Negative incline

Don’t expect a negative “slope” from this treadmill either! Though there’s no doubt that the combination of the incline and computer control is prominent, the negative incline is out of reach. You can only enjoy “uphill” exercises and miss all the useful “downhill” ones.

Is Proform 505 Cst Treadmill Worth Buying?

Despite those drawbacks mentioned above, tight and reasonable-budgeting buyers will find their needs fulfilled with a Proform 505 CST treadmill.

It’s also a great combination of a “comfortable” price and outstanding features. It’s true that this model tends to cost more than its rival, but a lifetime warranty ensures to be cost-effective in the long run. Thus, attractive expense and benefits are irresistible.

With a folding design for a space saver, a strong shock-absorption system, and iFit compatible technology, Proform treadmill works perfectly well for in-home usage and non-athlete users.

What are you waiting for? A 2-in-1 experience – economic expense and reliable operation – is waiting for you at the nearest Proform 505 CST treadmill store.

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