Not everyone has enough time to go to the gym frequently for a dream body. And, people sometimes need a change with outdoor exercises. To meet these demands, setting up a home gym space is not a bad idea.

In this article, Nogii will show you a sample list of top 50+ best home gym equipment for weight loss. Maybe, you do not have to buy them all. So, to choose the most suitable product, don’t forget to determine your needs.

Top 50+ Best Home Gym Equipment For Weight Loss

They are something like:

  • Workout style
  • Space
  • Budget
  • Using frequencies
  • Health conditions

A list of top 50+ Best home gym equipment to Lose Weight 2019

The following are potential options which Nogii hopes you can try at least once.

Ab Wheel is the Best Home Exercise Equipment To Lose Weight

Ab Wheel

Just one wheel but help you do solid workouts targeting from abs, back to shoulders and arms. It is precisely an ab roller.

Similar Fitnessery Ab Machine – best choice on the market these days, the wheel comes with two sturdy, comfortable handles. And the primary material of these EVA-foam-padded parts is the stainless steel.

Besides a lifetime guarantee, the Fitnessery also gives customers a gift set. The incredible extras include one knee pad along with two E-books. All of them will help you achieve the most effective practice.

Aerobic Stepper

Aerobic Stepper

An impressive aerobic stepper which we have used for both outdoor and home gym is The Step Original Aerobic Platform. Thanks to the high-density polyethylene, such a platform is recyclable enough to last for a long time.

With four non-skid feet included, the stepper will not either scratch the floor or slide. Risers and platforms in a mix of black and gray allow the user’s weight up to 330 lbs. Plus, The Step adds a cushion into the stepper for more comfort.

Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder

Another idea for the list is a Yes4All Agility Ladder. It is much of the excellent piece for workouts to gain both speed and reaction ability of users.

The Adjustable design offers the 15-inch length between each rung. The flexibility enables you to apply a wide range of levels as well as exercises. If the maintenance is proper and regular, the ladder can work well for many years to come.

Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights

Planning to add more resistance to the workout, why don’t you try this pair Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights?

The purchase provides you with different options of weight, including 1, 2, 3, or 5-pound size. You can wear it for not only ankles but also wrists. So, let’s feel free to take quick exercise anywhere you travel.

Barbell Set

Barbell Set

Whenever needing a set of barbells for the home gym, Nogii thinks of the USA Sports Barbell Set right away. Regardless of a professional athlete or a beginner’s demands, the choice can meet it all.

The set has a big iron bar which is 7 feet in length. And there is a layer of satin black enamel covering this part. As for 14 plates, they all weigh 300 pounds with several options: 2 x 45 lbs., 2 x 35 lbs., 2 x 25 lbs., 2 x 10 lbs., 4 x 5 lbs. and 2 x 2.5 lbs.

Bluetooth Sweatband

Bluetooth Sweatband

Wearing headphones to enjoy music when doing exercise maybe not the best solution. It is because they can fall as you run or jump up. It is the reason why I love this Jeystar Bluetooth Sweatband.

The washable band comes with soft and comfortable materials. It absorbs sweat so quickly and saves you from discomfort. Besides, you also can use the Jeystar as an eye mask when sleeping.

Burn Machine

Burn Machine

When it comes to Burn Machine LLC Burn Machine, there are two color options for you to choose. One is black, and another is chrome.

Its dimension is 42 inches in length, 10 inches in width and 3 inches in height. And the solid steel construction enables you to hold up to 200 pounds.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells

People who love to improve their daily workouts and add more bang exercises cannot miss this Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells.

Not only owning an eye-catching design, but these dumbbells also bring efficient usage wherever they are. You can adjust their weight in a wide range of options, from 5 to 52.5 pounds smoothly.

A set of two adjustable strongly-molding dumbbells offers an efficient choice. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to take exercises for the chest, legs, back arms, shoulders, and abs.

Energy Boost

Energy Boost

Considering a long-term fitness plan, you need to make use of some supplement products like Biofy Limitless Greens Superfood Supplement. A daily diet, along with a tight food limit, may cause you to feel uncomfortable. Such a tasty product drink will help you boost up your energy every day.

Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike

A squeaking bike lacking resistance with an uncomfortable seat is likely to drive you insane. But, Just Not Sports think this Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Bike will save your workouts from becoming a nightmare.

The bike comes with a wheel of 47 pounds which many people consider a heavy one. However, the rides will be much smoother if the flywheel weight is high. Of an adjustable seat, you can move back/forth or up/down comfortably just with a quick twist of the knob. And one more important thing is that such a product can hold up to 270 lbs.

Exercise Mat & Yoga Mat

All-purpose product, high density, and extra thickness are things I love to talk about the BalanceFrom Exercise Mat.

It is 71 inches in length and made of the foam material. Both of the two sides of the mat, the non-slip traction and cushion are available. It means that you can use any of them and enjoy its fantastic durability.

Exercise Mat

For those who own a sensitive back, this is an ideal option. You also cannot ignore the moisture resistance. There is no problem whatsoever if you wash it with soap and water.

Exercise ball

The DynaPro Exercise Ball has superior durability. You can make use of it for many purposes, from yoga, gym to relaxing chairs at the office.

For all users with different heights and weights, the ball offers extreme comfort for sure. The brand constructed the ball with high-quality PVC and made sure that its burst resistance limit reaches up to 2000 lbs.

Foam Roller

Although not an equipment for workouts, a foam roller like Trigger Point Performance do the best job for the physical therapy. So, it cannot be out of the list.

Its most impressive feature is the camo design. For treatment, the roller performs a perfect medium density. The key point lies in the textured surface. If you are trying to improve a range of motion after a tough pull-up-bar session, don’t miss this amazing invention. Plus, the allowed weight is 500 pounds in maximum.

Gym Bag

Regardless of the home gym, some outdoor sports require you to prepare a lot of gears. Where can you find a more reasonable and economical than the Adidas Team Issue Gym Bag?

A bag made of 600-denier polyester enables you to carry everything you want. There are three sizes of the bag. The smallest one is somehow bigger than a typical gym bag. And the largest one can store plenty of clothes together with even three soccer balls. The brand launches this product with 18 different colors. It is precisely not a bad option.

Hand Grip

As for the grip strengtheners, the Captains of Crush Hand Gripper is the name attracting most attention these days.

Nogii feels that it is the right piece that I need to have for a perfect home gym preparation. It is the burly, the simple and the ergonomic; there is nothing to complain.

Two handles come with the diamond texture. And each of them gets separated by a three-coil spring. The materials of this equipment are aluminum and steel. Thanks to the high quality, the gripper is hefty enough instead of being too heavy. Moreover, no moving parts help the device more durable since outer elements like dirt, water cannot penetrate into the assembly points.


Doing workouts cannot miss exciting music. And here is the AfterShokz Headphone which can brighten up your gym days.

AfterShokz represents a new level of wireless headphones for workouts. It focuses on manufacturing products with bone conduction and unique designs. The device applies Bluetooth 4.3, which allows the 10-meter awareness. To inspire you to exercise actively, the headphone produces extremely crisp sound and rich bass.

It is only 30 grams in weight so it causes no uncomfort at all when practicing. More than that, I’m also highly impressed by its sweat-proof and dust-proof features. They are all key elements affecting the durability of the product.

Headstand Stool

A G4-MAX Headstand Stool will help you perform challenging Yoga poses. Especially for beginners, these poses are very difficult and needs to support of such tool.

Its capacity is up to 325 lbs. Moreover, the well-made leather will much satisfy you with the hard Yoga exercises.

Home Sauna

After the gym, it is such a great thing for everyone to enjoy a relaxing time with the home sauna. The activity not only helps detoxify the body but also relieves pains from heavy workouts.

The Joyous 2-Person Home Sauna satisfies users with the style made of durable tongue-and-groove chemical-free Canadian Hemlock Wood. And to ensure safety, the manufacturer makes their sauna with a see-through door.

To provide heat insulation at most, the sauna has dual-layer walls. Due to the user-friendly and tool-free structure, you will not find it hard to set up and buckle panels together.

Hula Hoop

The Acu Hula Hoop is the next product on the list. I highly recommend it for those who desire to lose weight and get a slim waist at home.

Since the hoop performs well with the patented wavy-ridged design, it can offer a powerful force. The device will stimulate core muscles on your body for the best results.

This Acu is especially suitable for adult beginners. Its larger-than-normal diameter focuses on making the exercises much easier to perform. You can do workouts with this unit everywhere you go.



Planning to set up a home gym yourself, how could you miss out kettlebells? Which one will you choose, a 9-pound kettlebell or an 88-pound one? You don’t need to consider more since the CAP Barbell has all the things you want.

This solid cast iron kettlebell has the machined and powder-coated surface. Thus, you will not find any seam on it. Thanks to its perfect handle, the bell becomes more comfortable to grip.

The base is flat and wide enough for you to feel grounded when putting it down. Moreover, such a feature also helps the kettlebell stable and upright all the time you store it.

Massage Balls

Massage balls are equipment helping you to solve problems of knots and pain on your body. Unlike many other muscle rollers out there, the ball relieves pain in larger areas.

A Kieba Massage Lacrosse Ball is the top option which can do this task well. Thanks to this, you can massage your muscles and their surrounding tissues to reduce pain and relieve tight muscles.

There are two balls in one set. Hence, you can keep them in different places to use more conveniently. One more thing is that its size can fit your hand palm, so bringing it along to anywhere you want.

Mini Trampoline

Mini Trampoline

A foldable Stamina Mini Trampoline should be an essential sports equipment in your list. It is 36-inch in width, which is suitable to use for both indoor/outdoor workout and in your office. Taking exercise with the trampoline is ideal for your heart health, muscle strength, weight loss, and help improve your circulation.

To avoid wasting space when not in use, the folding design is available. Its six legs are to make sure a stable base when you stand on it. Made of steel, such frame performs perfect durability along with the 30-band tension.


With a mirror, you can observe the way you do exercise and see whether they are improper or not.

Such Gatco 1802 Frameless Rectangle Mirror does not challenge you to install. It often takes around 10 minutes to put all the parts together. Just one person can also hang the mirror effortlessly. The wall mirror comes with refined beveled edges, thick glass, and premium silver coating.

Phone Arm Band

When running outsides or doing home gym workouts, it will be inconvenient to hold your smartphone all the time. If that’s your case, let’s pick a phone armband like this LifeActiv.

In the middle of your workouts, you can stop for a while, twist your arm, and check the phone. Thanks to this, you will not get inconvenient to hold the phone in your hand during the gym. This band can fit any phones with LifeProof cases as well as many other case brands.

Pilates Reformer

Among all the Pilates reformers on the market, perhaps the Weider Ultimate Body Works is the most robust and reliable choice. There are tons of Pilates exercises which you can do with such a machine. I estimate the number around 100 exercises.

The technical structure includes a robust cable-and-pulley system, variable incline, and four adjustable bungee cord-style power bands. This combination offers the extra resistance up to 50 lbs.

Regardless of professional Pilates people, you can make use of this machine to add more strength training. Then, you take exercises for both flexibility and mobility to tone every muscle group.

Power bands

In term of the strength training, no one can detect the origin of the resistance bands. But, nowadays, they can be in comparison with heavy hitting equipment such as kettlebells and barbells.

These Perform Better Powerbands are so small. Due to their sizes and portability, these bands are ideal for you to warm up your core, hips, and shoulders.

There are four pieces in one set for four different levels: light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy resistance. You just need to put them in the gym bag and carry along to start your workout anytime and anywhere.

Pull Up Bar
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Pull Up Bar

Let’s move to the next recommendation, a Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar. Its design is compact and lightweight. Hence, you can make use of this unit anywhere. But, it still retains the necessary levels of stability needed for a proper workout.

The key is that this bar can meet the demand of all people with different workout needs. Especially, if you are a travel person, it is such an ideal thing. Its compact structure allows you to pop the device in your bag and set up again when doing exercises. The bar comes with adjustable leverage mounts so you can adjust its frame easily.

Punch Bag

An Everlast Traditional Punch Bag owns everything you would like for an efficient home gym equipment. Making this bag with natural and synthetic materials, the Everlast offers you an option of a 70-pound workhorse.

The brand also offers a kit of different accessories. They include a heavy bag, heavy bag gloves, 108-inch hand wraps, and a bungee cord. The cord will add more resistance when you hang the bag or change its positions.

There is no need to go to many different places to buy many things for boxing. Now, you can get all of them after just one purchase.

Push Up Bars

Lightweight and easy assembling are vital points that Nogii wants to talk about the GYMBOPRO Push Up Bars.

The bars have to cushion foam grips to reduce the strain that your wrists have to suffer during exercising. The non-skid bases are available to provide optimal protection from moving or collapsing when you do exercise.

Resistance Chute

For days of doing outdoor workouts, I find it a fantastic exercise with the Unlimited Potential Resistance Chute.

The running parachute comes in design to produce 11-33 pounds of resistance. It is comfortable to wear because of a padded waist belt. And the high-quality nylon material will ensure long-lasting durability.

Skipping Rope

If you are seeking a more traditional style skipping rope, I will give you the most affordable quality option. It is the one which comes from Golden Stallion Jump Ropes.

The rope is available with a luxury look. The materials include high-quality wood as well as real leather. A nice feeling from the hardwood handle, combining with a little heavy rope, will double up your training effects.

As each person has a different height, The product provides users with the adjustable feature. It means that you can change the length of the rope to match your uses.

Soft Kettlebell

What are the differences between a kettlebell and a soft kettlebell? a soft kettlebell has sand, dirt, gravel, lead shot, or water inside. And it is not a solid molding one like the normal kettlebell.

With this PKB portable kettlebells, you can adjust its weight flexibly with the allowing limit from 1-15 lbs.


Wearing headphones may not be a hobby of many people when doing workouts. To solve this problem, you can replace it with a speaker.

Let’s take the Ultimate Ears as an example. It belongs to the list of the best portable Bluetooth speakers on the market nowadays. The device owns both waterproof and shockproof features. They are fantastic enough to boost durability higher.

The speaker has gotten positive feedback from users. It produces excellent sound with great tunes. This BOOM 2 can go along with you from your home to your trail and make your gym time insanely epic.

Sports Bottle

Sports Bottle

Keeping your body hydrated during a workout is not as easy as it sounds. And finding sports bottles which are convenient enough for you to carry is another issue. It is time to change the story positively with a high-quality product. My choice for such a thing will be the Embrava Sports Bottle.

The glass material with a spill-proof lid becomes the best choice for healthy hydration. The brand offers such a bottle from free of BPA and harmful materials. And it allows you to hold the capacity of 32 ounces of water.

Moreover, the bottle is durable and easier-to-use in various locations and conditions.

Squat Machine

Squat Machine

The G4-MAX Sissy Squat Machine is one choice for three workout tool. In addition to traditional squats, you can do pushups and abdominal muscles exercises. Such a belt squat machine shows high durability and a fantastic look in red and black.

The system includes an embossed board, foam roller helping to lock your feet, and an adjustable gap. The most suitable body standard to use this squat press machine is the 5-6-feet height and up-to-250-pound weight.

Among many squat machines on the markets,  this one may be the “hidden gem” that you are looking for. The brand designs it for sissy squats. But you can feel convenient to do an ab workout and pushups.

Stretch Socks

It doesn’t matter how you plan to do exercises; these ASICS Stretch Socks will team well with your sports shoes.

As for sports socks, you are likely to think about the cotton tube products. However, this set of three anatomically-shaped socks is another practical choice. Its outstanding feature is to prevent bunching in shoes, then protect your feet from blisters.

Of the polyester/nylon/spandex fiber, the way these socks absorbing sweat is different from the cotton. Their arch band will support your arch and keep the sock in place.

Swing Stepper

For the swing steppers, I would like to mention the Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster. The compact Xiser makes it suitable for the home gym at most. It is strong, well-constructed and durable to use for more than forty years.

Users often buy this machine due to its high-intensity interval (HIIT) and sprint training. And it’s also perfect for quick and intense workouts. For instance, for basic cardio at home, exercise on this machine for eight minutes.

treadmill workout


In the low-price range of treadmill, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 pops out like a star. The low cost does not mean the low quality, though. It still performs well with a large number of great features that make this machine outstanding.

The equipment owns a space-saving design. You can fold it up after finishing your workout to have more free space.

The 2.25 HP continuous-duty motor allows the Cadence G 5.9 to run with speeds ranging from 0.5 – 10 mph. Besides, it is possible to incline for advanced exercises.

TRX trainer

One of the things which motivate me to put the TRX Pro Gym Suspension Trainer into the list is its surprising durability. There is no problem for it to withstand the most rigorous workout routines.

As for the material, the set comes with the top quality. Thanks to the industrial-grade reinforcement at high wear point, you will not have to worry about the problem of the unit being ripped apart after using.

To meet the demands of the different-size body, the TRX Pro Suspension Trainer comes with adjustable foot cradles as well. It is not difficult to hold, very comfortable to use and not smelly. These features will protect users from bacteria growth.

Vibrating board

A vibration board like this Rock Solid Wholesale can bring you more than the effect of losing weight.  Besides the common goal of weight loss, the machine also helps you to improve flexibility, stability, and strength of your body.

On the package of this Rock Solid vibration platform, there is a workout poster for guidance as you get started. One hundred various speed levels are available with the device. And its motor requires a 500 watt to run and offers ample vibration power.

Wearable posture coach

Not only when doing workouts, even as you are sitting at the office, an Upright GO wearable posture coach will also save your body from poor daily postures or taking exercises improperly.

The Upright GO Posture Trainer is a lightweight and compact device which you can stick to your upper back. It connects to your skin through safe adhesives. Whenever your postures tend to slip, the vibration function of the device will activate to remind you.

You can set the device with your smartphone app in case of needing to have a quiet space. This application can help to avoid bothering everyone with its vibration.

Weighted Gloves

The Empower weighted gloves promises to bring as much comfort as possible for a home gym workout. The brand introduces these products for both men and women with various sizes to choose.

The gloves have an open palm. Such features enable users to adjust the size. And it also plays a vital role in preventing the clammy and sweaty conditions. Not only that, the unique palm design makes it easier for you to grip the gloves before lifting weights.

Workout Cushion

When you start with Yoga, things you need to prepare are not only clothes and a mat. How do you think about a StrongTek Workout Cushion?

There are two thick pads in a set of cushions with specs of Full 15.75 x 13 x Thick 2.5 inches. These lightweight products are such an ideal preparation for physical therapy for your home gym.

Workout Discs

Setting a workout and diet plan is not an easy task. And the Davina toned in 10 workout DVD will help you to go ahead in your fitness plan.

Following the former “30 Day Fat Burn”, this amazing woman launches her next series for a new workout program. It includes ten sections which are handy for your personal goal and time limit. In the DVD, she provides guidance for a blend of exercises like barre, boxing, and Pilates.

Plus, she also focuses on specific muscle groups while other trainers target them at the same time. One more thing to love this disc is the music. Davina also tells some jokes and shows great facial impression to inspire you to do exercises.

Yoga Block

Have you ever heard about the Gaiam? Sure, if you are a Yoga addict, you know that it is a respected name in this field. And the Gaiam Yoga Block is not out of the trend.

It offers you a ton of color options, from solid hues to printed designs. You must sweat a lot when doing Yoga and hygiene may be a problem that you are worried about. Of course, to solve this, the Gaiam product has a foam surface which you can wash with light detergents.

Each block is around 1.5 lbs. in weight and gets specs of 9 x 6 x 4-inches.

Rowing Machine workout

Rowing Machine

Desiring the hardcore workout, you should not forget the Concept 2 Rowing Machine. This productive equipment will perform well for aerobic fitness, torch calories, and sculpt your back, hamstrings as well as glutes.

Sometimes, you may get bored with the treadmill. Then you had better try to play with the rower who can change your mood with the cardio routine.

Because of being compact, the rower is pretty suitable for you to set up the home gym and do your best with the fitness plan. Thanks to its compact design, you are welcome to enjoy smooth rides along with minimal noise.

Elliptical Trainer

Admittedly, the Schwinn Elliptical Trainer is no longer a strange device for gym fans. It is the sturdiest sports bikes that I have known. Its weight is much lighter than other products and comes with an oversized crossbar and center frame support.

An Eddy Current Brake will control a system of 25 different resistance settings. And you can reprogram your workout with 29 options in total.

Weight Bench

As you own gym space at home, how can you take exercises of pressing, flying, curling, and so many more? Nogii guess that you will need to invest in the Best Weight Bench.

Like its name, the bench offers you basic functions for the home gym. Especially in a small room, you will see how useful it is. I am sure that you will not go wrong with this bench.

Final Words about Best Home Exercise Equipment To Lose Weight

So, here is the list of top 50+ best outdoor & home gym equipment. But there is no need to prepare them all since they will cost a fortune. Assuming that you are interested in Yoga, then, you can pick products regarding this workout style.

Nogii hopes that my recommendation will work for you and wish you have a great time with your home gym set up.